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2 & 9 December | Events in Real Life in Phnom Penh

Welcome. And welcome back. To the conversation spacemaking that happens in only the way Design Kompany makes it happen. With a few adjustments, post-pandemic. First, the link to where you can tell me you are going to be there. This is that link:


I started taking payments by bank link now, since that is so easy and convenient for advance bookings. I also limit the number of guests for each event to a maximum of 8.

This post continues in S P A C E, a zine I publish every Tuesday. 


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Team-building and reflection workshops in Phnom Penh

What is team-building? According to Wikipedia’s page on team-building, there are several approaches.

Team building describe four approaches to team building: goal-setting, role clarification, problem-solving, and how people relate to one another.

Goal-setting is about clear goals. Individuals have them, and teams have them.  ‘Team members become involved in action planning to identify ways to define success and failure and achieve goals. This is intended to strengthen motivation and foster a sense of ownership. By identifying specific outcomes and tests of incremental success, teams can measure their progress.’

Role clarification is about helping people understand what they do. ‘ This is intended to reduce ambiguity… It emphasizes the members’ interdependence and the value of having each member focus on their own role in the team’s success.


‘A facilitator guides the conversations to develop mutual trust and open communication between team members.’


What is interpersonal communication? ‘Increasing teamwork skills such as giving and receiving support, communication and sharing. Teams with fewer interpersonal conflicts generally function more effectively than others. A facilitator guides the conversations to develop mutual trust and open communication between team members.’


How can Design Kompany help your team?

DK guides the process of dialogue and discovery, through our branding and transformation process, but also through new workshops created for teams in Phnom Penh.

If you are in Phnom Penh, we are offering these in person. Ask about ‘Time 4 Us’ and ‘Atelier S P A C E’ workshops. These are specifically for teams of 10 or fewer people. This is the ideal way to set aside time at the end of the year for your group to reflect, and connect. Meaningfully, not superficially. Contact us to get more information or request an Ebrochure with rates. You can also keep in touch when you sign up for this mailing list.