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‘Design is all redesign’

If writing is all rewriting, then… is this true:

Design is all redesign.

If it is, cool.

I’m gonna redesign this one.

It’s an update to the old story, ‘Unnecessary Jackets.’ One of our best, from the Vietnam series. It will release on Tuesday, next week. We always run our issues on Tuesdays. But you can pre-order it now.

Here is a link.

All right.


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16N in a pic

AT LAST, the picture of our guests at ‘N’ Hanoi: NARRATIVE. What stories do we tell to the world? Which ones do we tell ourselves? In this brief encounter, 16 people whose paths might not have otherwise crossed conversed and wrote, read and listened, in a space of just 2.5 hours. A magic moment. *!

’16N’ Hanoi happened on 27 June 2017.