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Issue #46: S P A C E | Huế, ‘An Art of the Moment’

Protected: About writing

18 Oct | S P A C E Phnom Penh, ‘Miniparty’

Protected: Writing in my head

How we’re making S P A C E on the road

Currently: Making S P A C E in Việt Nam

S P A C E | Brussels, ‘The Work of Art’

Winter 2018-19: ‘The Work of Art’

S P A C E | Malaysia

S P A C E | What is “good” internet?

Protected: A new philosophy, a philosophy of the moment

‘Actually I do have friends’

Zine launch: S P A C E || Helsinki

Prototyping S P A C E in Gangtok, India

At rest while in motion

Salon: Origin

S P A C E || Finland

S P A C E || Pappila popup

Online conversation salon S P A C E || ‘Slow Moment’