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A lot of conversations happen at an ‘N’ and this time was no different. We are ready to share, meaningfully and not trivially, in the online follow-up sessions. They’ll be virtual so our ‘N’ guests from ‘N’ HCMC, which *happened* in the magic way only … MoreThank you

Issue #97

The lead story for this issue is ‘Bờ Biển 1999,’ or ‘Seaside 1999’. It’s by Quân Nguyễn. This story is in Vietnamese and in English. Special thanks to DS Phong for editing. Two images made by Boss are included in this issue, too. Cover image … MoreIssue #97

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Issue #96

Watching, listening. Looking, sharing time. This issue’s one of my favorites, from this year. It’s a photo essay from a recent walk that members of our team in HCMC shared, together, discussing as they went along meandering the things that detail… nothing in particular. As … MoreIssue #96

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Issue #94

This issue is S P A C E | Đà Lạt, ‘Petals.’ Its lead story is, ‘A June Farewell,’ by Dipika Kohli. Here’s a link. Thanks.   Loading…

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DK | The Charette

For leaders and visionaries About this Event DK | The Charette is a new series of conversation-starting for online connexion. New and different others can find meaningful discovery and co-discovery opportunities, in ‘The Charette.’ It’s asynchronous, international, small in scale, highly curated, and open-ended. We … MoreDK | The Charette

The Book of Feelings

This new short project, ‘The Book of Feelings’, will coincide with DK’s September appearances at the SF Zine Festival. Ask us more about it. It’s going to be the first time in many years that DK will ‘present’ something in the United States. I think … MoreThe Book of Feelings

Issue #88

Wrapped!.. The lead story here is by Quân Nguyễn. Nguyễn writes about his time abroad Denmark, at a ‘Julefrokost’ party in Aarhus. Anyone who has struggled with life away and the uncanny unsettled feeling that comes from returning may be able to relate to his story. It’s … MoreIssue #88

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‘Why membership?’ To focus on deepening and cultivating a few choice relationships, we started the subscription service in 2019. The idea is to manage the flow of exchanges with just a very small set of people so we can deepen, and learn from, the conversations … MoreAccess

Issue #81

This week’s issue is ready to share. It’s called S P C | Sài Gòn • ‘Start with Something Simple’. About ‘SwSS’… Trang Le’s story, ‘A Discovery of… Myself,’ is the lead story. It is in Vietnamese. One of the most sharply observing young people DK has … MoreIssue #81

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On Deck

Be a part of an international conversation in the cloud About this Event Since 2017, Design Kompany, or ‘DK’, has been publishing a weekly e-magazine called S P A C E. The idea is to discover, and share, the stories of us… the people we … MoreOn Deck

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Issue #80

Today we are working in the cloud to wrap up a very fun, light and intriguing issue of S P C. It’s called S P C | Sài Gòn • ‘Continuous Partial Attention.’ It’s ready for pre-order. Here’s a link.   ‘What?..’ This issue’s title … MoreIssue #80

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An update on ‘Papers’

Papers is a *thing* now, as in, it’s going. Quite beautifully, too. Good conversations, with depth and substance, are taking place behind the scenes here at DK’s blog. Wanted to share a little of the backstory of how this whole ‘Papers’ idea got invented. Working … MoreAn update on ‘Papers’

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What is ‘Papers?’

For the very curious… S P A C E · Static on the Line For those who are curious about Papers, thanks for asking. Attention, time, replies: I am happy to converse about this project to gather us for moments of remarkable connexion in the … MoreWhat is ‘Papers?’