New endings and new beginnings

6 years after ‘State of Publishing’

Hello from Finland

Protected: S P A C E || Mending and ending

Mariska’s Itserakkausjuttu

66°34′N 23°51′E

Sharing a moment in Oulu

Hei Kesä @ Oulu Arts Night


International post

S P A C E || Threads

Radio Nova, A-Ha, and ‘Take On Me’

16 August | Zines x Coffee at Oulu Arts Night

Making the book ‘A Summer Love Story’

Protected: A letter to I

The Book of Songs

S P A C E || Kesä rakkaustarina

29 August | ‘N’ Helsinki: NEUROSIS

Protected: S P A C E || The shape of S P A C E

S P A C E || Slow moment