‘Tìm mình trong thế giới’

It’s a conversation. It’s also a zine launch party. Meet us at a *secret location* in District 3. A daytime event. Registration required. Here’s a link. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tim-minh-trong-the-gioi-tickets-132365898967

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A lot of conversations happen at an ‘N’ and this time was no different. We are ready to share, meaningfully and not trivially, in the online follow-up sessions. They’ll be virtual so our ‘N’ guests from ‘N’ HCMC, which *happened* in the magic way only … MoreThank you

Issue #104

This is the week we host ‘N’ in HCMC! And it’s also where we found out quite a bit about… who we each are, individually, too. To those who received the invitation, checkit. ‘N’ is like nothing else. Loading…

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Issue #103

A members-only issue, this time. S P A C E | Mito, ‘Shibui.’ Here’s a link. http://gum.co/space-mito-shibui Thanks. HT E. Happy Birthday. What’s ‘Shibui’? Wikipedia has a lot to say. The source of the following is from this link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shibui Định nghĩa shibui hoặc shibusa Definition … MoreIssue #103

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Issue #97

The lead story for this issue is ‘Bờ Biển 1999,’ or ‘Seaside 1999’. It’s by Quân Nguyễn. This story is in Vietnamese and in English. Special thanks to DS Phong for editing. Two images made by Boss are included in this issue, too. Cover image … MoreIssue #97

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Tonight in HCMC

It’s a big day, here. I’m making gifts to give to our guests for the first-ever ‘N’ in HCMC. It’ll be just four people, instead of the usual 16, which works some of the time but not all of the time (Helsinki! Looking at you). … MoreTonight in HCMC

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An invitation

For those who are interested in co-creating future issues of our mini-magazine, get in touch about the September 14 start date (late registration) for ‘Papers.’ I sent some invites out for this a few days back. If you got it, cool. If you didn’t, and … MoreAn invitation

DK | The Charette

For leaders and visionaries About this Event DK | The Charette is a new series of conversation-starting for online connexion. New and different others can find meaningful discovery and co-discovery opportunities, in ‘The Charette.’ It’s asynchronous, international, small in scale, highly curated, and open-ended. We … MoreDK | The Charette

On Deck

Be a part of an international conversation in the cloud About this Event Since 2017, Design Kompany, or ‘DK’, has been publishing a weekly e-magazine called S P A C E. The idea is to discover, and share, the stories of us… the people we … MoreOn Deck

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Reality & Trust

‘Reality & Trust’ will take place in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, in late June. What’s real? Who decides? Let’s talk about it, offline. REALITY & TRUST. What’s real? Who even knows, anymore. But let’s parse it out, in real life, together. The … MoreReality & Trust