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A lot of conversations happen at an ‘N’ and this time was no different. We are ready to share, meaningfully and not trivially, in the online follow-up sessions. They’ll be virtual so our ‘N’ guests from ‘N’ HCMC, which *happened* in the magic way only … MoreThank you

Issue #104

This is the week we host ‘N’ in HCMC! And it’s also where we found out quite a bit about… who we each are, individually, too. To those who received the invitation, checkit. ‘N’ is like nothing else. Loading…

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Tonight in HCMC

It’s a big day, here. I’m making gifts to give to our guests for the first-ever ‘N’ in HCMC. It’ll be just four people, instead of the usual 16, which works some of the time but not all of the time (Helsinki! Looking at you). … MoreTonight in HCMC

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Issue #92

This week, a fresh co-creation in S P A C E. This is in collaboration through extraordinary conversations with photographer Văn Trần. He is the feature artist for our 15 September issue of S P A C E. DK had bumped into him while on … MoreIssue #92

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16N in a pic

AT LAST, the picture of our guests at ‘N’ Hanoi: NARRATIVE. What stories do we tell to the world? Which ones do we tell ourselves? In this brief encounter, 16 people whose paths might not have otherwise crossed conversed and wrote, read and listened, in … More16N in a pic

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