Issue #106

A. Spaice // DK · Mary Anne S P A C E | Dublin, ‘Mary Anne’ Loading…

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SELF [A. Nin edition]

A 12-step eWorkshop TIME IS YOUR MOST valuable asset. Steer your course into the future knowing what it is that matters. Forget what ‘they’ say. SELF is for helping you discover and listen to you. You don’t need anyone else to spell it out, but … MoreSELF [A. Nin edition]

‘Everything has completely changed’ 

That’s just not an understatement, is it. The world. How we work. Where and when. And the way we relate to one another, too. Let’s reflect, and connect? Read more about our next call for ‘Papers’…   

Issue #95

Tomorrow we release S P A C E | Phnom Penh, ‘Angle of Reflection.’ Here’s a link. Thanks! 😉 Loading…

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Issue #92

This week, a fresh co-creation in S P A C E. This is in collaboration through extraordinary conversations with photographer Văn Trần. He is the feature artist for our 15 September issue of S P A C E. DK had bumped into him while on … MoreIssue #92

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Issue #88

Wrapped!.. The lead story here is by Quân Nguyễn. Nguyễn writes about his time abroad Denmark, at a ‘Julefrokost’ party in Aarhus. Anyone who has struggled with life away and the uncanny unsettled feeling that comes from returning may be able to relate to his story. It’s … MoreIssue #88

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Issue #86

S P A C E | Đà Lạt • ‘Tìm Mình Trong Thế Giới’ is the next in our weekly e-zine series. It is set to release on Tuesday. DK Director Dipika Kohli made the drawing on the cover this week. The drawing’s title is: Chúc … MoreIssue #86

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Issue #80

Today we are working in the cloud to wrap up a very fun, light and intriguing issue of S P C. It’s called S P C | Sài Gòn • ‘Continuous Partial Attention.’ It’s ready for pre-order. Here’s a link.   ‘What?..’ This issue’s title … MoreIssue #80

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