S P A C E || Sonic elements and Conic sections

‘NO, BUT I COULDN’T do that. it would intrude on the intimacy of the space.’

‘But if you recorded it! Then there would be… A sonic element. Which is so easy to do, now.’


‘But okay.’



‘SO WHAT’S UP with this Section thing?’


‘Section B, you said. For the thing that is coming up next.’

Mirror Section B. Yes. This mirror I found, metaphorically—‘


‘Nothing like just… Bear with me kay?’ I found this metaphorical kind of conceptual not-there but there-there, aura-seque, is that a word?’


‘…through writing and reflecting, I was doing the assignments too you know, as we went along, and well, you know, it is so easy to sit around and think when there are a circle of people there is something you have to do about it, make something happen, but the whole thing about S P A C E is that it’s really self-selecting, a kind of… New way. For curious people who want to try new things, together. not very different, when I think about it, from everything that has been truly fun, engaging, and exciting about the things I was part of helping make in the past. Like a newspaper, in southwest Ireland… With M! My, gosh. That was a great party! And it, I think… I think it still is? Going, I mean? Fair play to M, like.’

‘Ireland?? Huh?… But anyway… But what about this section thing?’

‘Oh! We had a great response to this, see, in January. I had no idea. Honestly. What would happen. I never got such a volume of applications before, and so, well, sometimes things are just about timing, as __, who doesn’t like to be called out publicly, I know, I remember, but yeah, who pointed out, and it’s not about you or them or whatever, but just… Timing….. And so there is a new section, see, get it, the mirror I found, for me, that one, for me, I mean, is kind of oval. And so, you know. Elliptical. A conic section. See? Section?’


‘What? You don’t like that?’


KE would. In fact, KE would really dig this graphic I’m gonna pair it up with, this conversation… Let me go get that now…’

5/100. This is part of a series, 100 conversations.Hosted and created in real life and with real people, and just because. Just for fun. Writing it down, or I guess, writing it up. Up! See? Up. In S P A C E. Join us.



Let’s talk travel, photography, and wanderlust

TODAY AND TOMORROW, we are in Cameron Highlands hosting a popup salon-workshop. The theme this time is photography, and travel in general. Never thought that I would start writing and blogging and conversing about #travel, you know, with the hashtags and everything. It seems so overdone, these days. It seems like people all over the place want to write about all their places they go and all the people they meet and collect them up on social media and pretend like everything is supersaturated, perfect-perfect posty-posty. You know what I’m talking about, right? Anyway, I got inspired to host this when I found this place, and stuck around long enough to have gotten a feel for it. It is authentic. That’s why we’re doing the popup here. Let’s talk travel, wanderlust, showing up, real life, and authentically gathering and sharing stories. We will do this together in a very small circle, with those who opt-in to join me for Atelier S P A C E || Cameron. In Cameron Highlands? Discover more about this popup atelier, when you click ‘upcomings’ and the details are all there. To the journeys! The new, and the next.

What is Design Thinking?

LISTEN TO this interview Victor Jimenez, a seasoned entrepreneur and popular podcaster, did with DK’s own Akira Morita. The two are close friends, and talk regularly across the world about topics related to performance, learning, being better, and growth.

Design thinking? It’s about what problem are you solving, and for whom. You can listen to the full story, ‘Using Design Thinking in your Business,’ which has already been recorded and uploaded at The Flywheel Podcast at this page: http://victorjimenez.co/tfp-003-using-design-thinking-in-your-business/

Today in S P A C E we’ll discuss. In a parallel conversation that may also take place on this day, we’ll open the comments for the topic of, ‘What is Design Thinking,’ on the comments pages below. Possibly also on facebook, depending on interest there.

Check in on 30 May throughout the day [ICT timezone], to see what’s unfolding. #designthinking