The value of a thing is the amount of life we are willing to trade for it.

Let’s discuss ‘lack,’ or ‘thiếu.’

But softly, quietly, and comfortably.




I hope to find at least 4 people to make this *happen*. If we can, I will do this. I think it’s a big, big topic and worth exploring.

If you think the page is ready to share, I’ll be grateful if you can help me discover some new people to invite…

Here is the detail.

1 Nov | ‘Expanding Windows’ [Virtual]

It’s *happening*.

A workshop and conversation about who we are and what we can become.

Thanks to those who are ready to take part in this. I’ve sent the details along on email.


‘Who am I?’..

A gigantic question. And yet, the bedrock of every important decision you will make.

Modernity means we are faced with so many, many choices. Where to live, whom to invest time in, how to manage our conflicting and ever-changing state of emotions, and, of course, the cacophony of messages that bombard our smartphones 24/7.

What to do with our lives, and how to make those choices, are not, however, impossible to uncover. It starts with design. Which goes to the center of the creative process, itself: exploring widely and deeply to consider the things that you are seeing and also, listening to the inner voice that tells you who you really are.

Knowing yourself. Is the start. Of making every decision that really matters, in a way that yields an outcome you will be able to look back on and say, ‘No regrets.’

Advance bookings only. Max 4. Only registered guests will be sent the exact venue details.

More details and registration info is at the registration page.

Here’s a link.


Thanks. ;)


The Book of Feelings

An interactive 2-hour workshop hosted by DK over Zoom. Onetime only event.

About this Event

This new short project, ‘The Book of Feelings’, was inspired by DK’s September conversations in real life in HCMC with new collaborators who make, draw, write, paint, make books, and discover. With us. Together.


A nice description of what The Book of Feelings might be came up, in a spontaneous way, when DK’s close collaborator in Papers and S P A C E, Phnom Penh-based vocalist and writer Michael Bridgett, Jr., gave a beautiful overview about S P A C E at the San Francisco Zine Festival. Here is a clip. https://designkompany.com/showandtell/

Max 4. Application required. Apply here.

This is a way, if you are curious about us, to see how S P A C E-making at DK begins. No experience necessary. Ages 21+. Thanks.

Desk Notes · Publisher's Diary

Mike Dynamo on S P A C E.. here’s a clip

Something cool happened. This was at the virtual event, SF Zine Festival. This was on Tuesday.

Michael Bridgett, Jr., aka ‘Mike Dynamo,’ talked about making S P A C E. And what it is. And why we do it.

I loved watching it live-streaming and ‘being there’, ambiently, to admire his wittiness and eloquence. Cool that we could do this, from our distant perches in Southeast Asia’s Cambodia and Vietnam. Yeah. Quite neat. Seeing Mike sharing about S P A C E—and especially the Book of Feelings project, something that he, me and a few others I’m working with are exploring together now, was cool. I love working with Mike in S P A C E. I feel lucky that I get to. Check out one of his written pieces, it’s called  ‘Continuous Partial Attention’, and it’s over at this page.

Below is the segment of the recording where you can hear him.

Some things that friends of S P A C E both near and far have said about the above…

  • Awesome! he did a great presentation of S P A C E  🙂 —CS
  • Thanks for sharing Michael’s presentation. I love the way he talked about your process in the development of mak[ing] S P A C E. This is wonderful. —DM
  • This is great! Definitely put a smile on my face. —ND


About Michael Bridgett, Jr.

Michael “Mike Dynamo” Bridgett is a vocalist/emcee and charismatic currently performing with live hip hop band, Hypnotic Fist Technique and 90’s cover project 99 Boyz in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Mike also writes about media and cultural analysis for fun as well as playing and connecting over video games. Read more, including links to his works in music and writing, at this post.


About SF Zine Festival

‘Cyber Fest will run for three weeks in September, from the 6th through the 26th. We have selected 150 exhibitors for Cyber Fest who represent diverse communities, perspectives, genres, skills, and experiences. Learn more about exhibitors here. You’ll be able to watch live broadcasts of festival programs on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Check out our full schedule!’ –Organizers of SF Zine Festival

Publisher's Diary

Issue #92

This week, a fresh co-creation in S P A C E. This is in collaboration through extraordinary conversations with photographer Văn Trần.

He is the feature artist for our 15 September issue of S P A C E.

DK had bumped into him while on the road in one of our usual quiet moments, reflecting quietly and apart from the hubbub of noise and people, in Đà Lạt, Việt Nam. He told us he enjoys cooking and traveling, and, we soon found, also investigates philosophical questions. This is where we found rapport. Like many things in S P A C E, this particular issue was designed, and re-designed, added to, informally printed, tested by sharing it with others to see if there was resonance, and finally, came into the shape that it is today. More specifically, some poetry. A remarkable set of photos. Mix that with a pinch of metaphilosophy, and you have this edition of S P A C E..

‘Some people say my photos are sad, but I don’t think they get it,’ says Trần, defiantly. ‘These are my photos. I love them. They tell my stories.’

Instagram @huyvan.ne

You can get this issue, print it, fold it, and make it a little bit your own. Here’s a video, made by DK’s close collaborator in Melbourne Nicki Duncan. You can see how it works when you take the PDF, and print it, to make S P A C E wherever you are in the world.

S P C | Sài Gòn • Một Buổi Tối Mát Nẻ / A Cool Evening

Where do you get the PDF for S P C | Sài Gòn • Một Buổi Tối Mát Nẻ?…

In our store…

Here’s a link.


'S' is for Sincerity

15 Sept | ‘End of the Rainbow’

My first book, The Elopement, was about running off to Ireland to get married. Kind of. I didn’t mean to run off, and I didn’t mean to get married. Lots of things happen in the course of, well, youth.

Reflecting. Writing. Sharing. Namely, about the 20-year journey in the time since the events of The Elopement . Putting the final touches on to my new book, End of the Rainbow. It’ll be published next week.

Time. Sure. Flies.

The writeup about this book is at my writing website, Kismuth. Here’s a link to the page about End.



The Book of Feelings

This new short project, ‘The Book of Feelings’, will coincide with DK’s September appearances at the SF Zine Festival. Ask us more about it.

It’s going to be the first time in many years that DK will ‘present’ something in the United States. I think it was 2015 when we were last there. We were in Palo Alto for a summer, discovering and also, gathering people whose paths might not have crossed for conversations. In real life. When you could do that, of course. I remember the whiskey bar and my friends from Seattle colliding in real life with my new acquaintances from brunch parties and study abroad connections and the odd passerby who happened to be interested enough in the invitation. ‘What are you doing tomorrow?’ Those are the beginnings, of things, sometimes.

Meantime, I’m at a new beginning. Writing and sharing, ‘The Book of Feelings.’ So far it’s a colored pencil scrapbook pulled together from A3 pages that I sewed into a makeshift ‘book.’ Nothing fancy, just that. For now. Sharing as I go, but very, very selectively.

The exact outline of what we will be doing (virtually) for ‘The Book of Feelings’ in September will be shared soon with those who are indicating interest. It is going to be a members-only event, this one. It will be free for members. Membership in S P A C E is $5/week. You can find out more, and register for membership, at this DK’s S P A C E crowdfunding page.

No experience necessary. Ages 21+. Thanks.


Issue #88


The lead story here is by Quân Nguyễn. Nguyễn writes about his time abroad Denmark, at a ‘Julefrokost’ party in Aarhus.

Anyone who has struggled with life away and the uncanny unsettled feeling that comes from returning may be able to relate to his story.

It’s called ‘Unnecessary Jackets’. Cover art by DK Creative Director Dipika Kohli.

Here is a link.


S P C | Hà Nội, ‘Bittersweet’

DK | Short course, ‘The Mirror’

An 8- or 12-week online workshop, 100% email correspondence. No meetings.

About this Event

THE MIRROR is a workshop.

It’s 8 weeks or 12 weeks. Select the option that’s right for you.

The workshop is virtual.

DISCOVER THE MIRROR. DK’s Dipika Kohli writes all prompts and hosts dialogues in The Mirror. The idea is to shape a safe space for online salon-like exploration and co-discovery. If you would welcome a chance to try new things with others, and focus on reflection, this is the workshop DK are making for you.

HOW IT WORKS. THE MIRROR begins with an orientation packet, containing a syllabus and work plan.

There is a participation fee. The fee starts from USD 160.

Application required.

To apply for consideration, fill out the application form.

Here’s a link.


Found in the Field

Link | ‘Make it Loud’ by DNLD

One of DK’s close collaborators from our Atelier S P A C E adventures in Latvia and Poland is DNLD, a digital processing photographer whose work is featured on two past covers of S P A C E.

This first one is a photo DK took and sent to him, seeing if he wanted to change around the colors in the way that DK had seen him do, before, to other pics in other conversations, and wow, look at the color pop…


Says DK: ‘Working in the cloud together after I came back to Asia, I checked out some links. I really, really liked a bunch of Nils Don Sihvola‘s digital images. Especially the one pictured immediately above. The set of colorful pieces really fit something he and I had been talking about: post postmodernism. I did not know at the time that this was the topic, but it was. So, I asked if we could put it into a cover for one of the S P A C E issues, that was about Latvia.

‘So, that’s how it came into shape. ‘This is This’ (pictured above) was an issue that was made out of real life conversations with DNLD and others in the place where, honestly, I had no idea it was all gonna go from ‘interesting’ to ‘even more interesting than I could have ever imagined.’ Because of the 1990s music, mostly, but also, the jazz, the art, the story, the poetry, the bars, and also… did I say the bars? Oh, I did. I like to keep up with handfuls of people who I find extremely creative, so I know that DNLD is lately making stuff with sound.’

Here’s an example.


Enjoying it here, on a cloudy morning in the middle of Vietnam. Makes me feel connected to… another dimension…

HT NDS…(Keep em coming!)

'S' is for Sincerity · Found in the Field · Innovation Consulting + Design Thinking · Publisher's Diary

Dear I

That was cool, getting in touch and sharing, and hearing from you. Thanks! Been fun, conversing as we do, now and then, all this time.

When we met, I was in one of my many, many borrowed rooms assembling this issue of S P C, (left), which was the first of the series from Latvia, Poland, and Slovakia.

So many cool people, and connexions, and conversations happened on those roads, and I was grateful for the opportunity to get there, HT AM!, and to enjoy them. A different world now, right? Difficult to move about so freely. Guess I got lucky, going when I did.

Something told me… why not just go now ? Some timing though, really. Those were places that sort of left quite the impression. I was a little surprised with myself to prepone my trip by like a year (the writers’ residency I’ve been invited to be part of in Ventspils at the International Writers’ and Translators’ House was due to happen in November 2020). Not sure when I can get back for that, or if, so yeah. Glad to have gone and met you and others ! Lucky timing. (HT, another friend whose first initial is I…)

Who knew we would all be dealing with lockdowns in various spots around the world and a pandemic, at this time ?

I’m in Vietnam.

Currently in Vietnam..

Well, here I am, doing exactly the same work as I was when we had met. Good people are around me, here, too, and I’m lucky as heck to get to assemble new writings from their points of view, and images, too, which some have shared (like this cover!), and this time, some cool stuff: spatial organic design. I’ll put together all the credits, for sure, on the day we launch, and share more about each of our contributors, then. ;)

That’ll come out on 30 June, with the issue, ‘Start with Something Simple.’

Always happy to reconnect with you, I.

[Moving the rest of this to a protected-page.. I’ll post it tomorrow. Will send passcode then!]


Publisher's Diary

Issue #80

Today we are working in the cloud to wrap up a very fun, light and intriguing issue of S P C. It’s called S P C | Sài Gòn • ‘Continuous Partial Attention.’

It’s ready for pre-order. Here’s a link.




This issue’s title is ‘Continuous Partial Attention,’ a term that was coined, according to Wikipedia, by Linda Stone. Special thanks to Stone for allowing DK to quote from her work on the center spread, of this zine.

Why this topic? Well! Glad you asked. As anyone who knows DK personally knows, we prefer attentiveness, intention, selectivity, and, of course, our signature personality trait: focus. Exploring deeply into this topic of ‘continuous partial attention,’ we decided to go back and pull a favorite old story from our archives to redistribute this week.

The lead story for this issue is, ‘Undefined,’ by Michael Bridgett, Jr. His work features in other issues of S P C, including Issue #46 ‘An Art of the Moment’ and many more, as he was a contributing editor and early collaborator in helping DK find its footing towards the making of more and better S P C.


Michael Bridgett, Jr.

‘I believe in the power of spontaneity and improvisation–the creation of something powerful in the moment,’ says Michael Bridgett, Jr., also known as Mike Dynamo, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Phnom Penh. ‘And possibly never to be seen again. It allows me to be fully present. When I perform, I draw on the energy of the crowd and the people around me, amplify it, and give that energy right back, ten-fold. It’s my superpower… In my writing, I strive for honesty, speaking about things that many don’t like to talk about. I want to make people think about their assumptions, because assumptions are a direct result of not being present and not engaging with what is in front of you. Of course, sometimes I just want to riff on video games, comics, and movies I love and analyze.’ mikedynamo.wordpress.com



Issue #80

S P C | Sài Gòn • ‘Continuous Partial Attention’ is ready to share !

It’s due to release on 23 June.

It’s ready for pre-order. Here’s a link.