‘Tìm mình trong thế giới’

It’s a conversation. It’s also a zine launch party. Meet us at a *secret location* in District 3. A daytime event. Registration required. Here’s a link. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tim-minh-trong-the-gioi-tickets-132365898967

‘Festival of the Photocopier 2021’ | ‘Open to zinesters located anywhere in the world’

update: 29 December 2020 Here’s a quick update with some more information that we gathered via email in a conversation with Beck, one of the three coordinators of the Festival of the Photocopier. The three coordinators and twelve volunteers together make this program. Beck told … More‘Festival of the Photocopier 2021’ | ‘Open to zinesters located anywhere in the world’

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The ‘why’ of S P C

Last week I invited a very small subset* of my online community to be part of a September invite-only circle for writing together. In a project called ‘Papers. A few people had asked me, from that, why, exactly, I am doing this. Why, that is … MoreThe ‘why’ of S P C

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Dear L & C

I sent you email today; a joint email. I like a good conversation circle, as you both well know. It occurs to me: do you know each other? Probably. The town where we met each other is indeed a small one. Journeying very many miles … MoreDear L & C


Today in real life. I don’t know. It’s a long shot. But sometimes, remarkably, I actually do meet people through Eventbrite invites on the internet. One out of a hundred people I cross paths with are ‘my’ people. I think… I think I’m back ‘on’ … MoreEcosystems

Issue #81

This week’s issue is ready to share. It’s called S P C | Sài Gòn • ‘Start with Something Simple’. About ‘SwSS’… Trang Le’s story, ‘A Discovery of… Myself,’ is the lead story. It is in Vietnamese. One of the most sharply observing young people DK has … MoreIssue #81

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Reality & Trust

‘Reality & Trust’ will take place in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, in late June. What’s real? Who decides? Let’s talk about it, offline. REALITY & TRUST. What’s real? Who even knows, anymore. But let’s parse it out, in real life, together. The … MoreReality & Trust

Issue #71

Last few weeks, been offline. Sometimes it’s nice to just narrow things down, and focus. A few things. A few people. Just 4, actually, for this next internet-based virtual installation. Four! Much simpler. This is the new thing. The Interactive Papers Project. It is set to … MoreIssue #71