S P A C E | Tokyo, ‘Osananajimi’

This issue of S P A C E contains a short story, ‘Original Departures.’ It was published earlier this year as part of a monthly column, “Kismuth & The Way.” K&TW is a commission by Saathee Magazine, out of Charlotte, NC. In this unique zine, we’ve added original photographs by BOSS, taken in Tokyo and Mito to augment the story. Download this PDF and you’ll be able to also get the printer-friendly black-and-white version. Print, fold and sew it at home to make your own S P A C E | Tokyo zine. To be released in Hanoi at a *secret location*. Members of S P A C E and their guests are invited for free, to see the zines and read them together, in real life, with DK and co-creators BOSS and Dipika Kohli. Cover pic: Dipika Kohli, 1996 in Tokyo, as part of the Japan Foundation-sponsored photo essay series, Japanese Lines. 

The digital version of S P A C E | Tokyo is available at our online store. You’ll get both a color version and a printer-friendly grayscale one. The grayscale one is designed to be downloaded, printed, folded, and sewn by those who want to explore how to make a ‘zine’ at home.