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  • Tools | What team leaders can learn about collaboration from the jigsaw classroom method

    How can people in teams better connect, engage, and collaborate? “The jigsaw classroom was first used in 1971 in Austin, Texas,” says psychologist and University of California in Santa Cruz Professor Elliot Aronson. He is the author of Nobody Left to Hate: Teaching Compassion After Columbine. Here’s why DK got curious about him,…

  • Time for Us

    Time for Us

    ‘Time for Us’ is a workshop created by Design Kompany for leaders, and their teams. Make ‘Time for Us’ with your team. WHO THIS IS FOR. ‘Time for Us’ is designed for: Those exploring a pandemic-shifted re-focus Recalibration with teams and finding alignment Team-building through authentic sharing Goalsetting Evaluating goals (individuals…

  • Protected: Time for Us

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  • Issue #186

    Issue #186

    This week’s issue of our e-mag is the issue S P A C E | ‘Workbook.’ Here it is, in the shop. https://designkompany.gumroad.com/l/odohf

  • Teambuilding in business in these 3 ways

    Teambuilding in business in these 3 ways

    I found this. Cool. Source: Harvard law school blog post here: https://www.pon.harvard.edu/daily/business-negotiations/business-team-building-the-value-of-self-reflection/ 3 Keys to Business Team Building How can organizations promote business team building through deeper employee engagement? Here are a few suggestions, adapted from [Francesca Gino’s 2018 book] Rebel Talent: Make work novel. It’s hard to stay engaged in…

  • Why do people quit?

    Why do people quit?

    From: A Nov. 2021 report by McKinsey on ‘The Great Attrition.’ https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/the-organization-blog/the-great-attrition-the-power-of-adaptability   ‘Interpersonal. Not feeling valued by one’s manager (52 percent) and not feeling a sense of belonging (51 percent) were two frequently cited reasons employees left a job in the past six months. ‘Adaptability improves the ability to…