Take a Pulse

Pause for a long view of where things are right now

‘Take a pulse’

Pause, reflect, and consider, ‘Where am I right now?’ Look back over the road you have traveled. Where were the highlights and lowlights? This is an opportunity to use Toolkit A, ‘Take a pulse.’


  • Goal-setting interview
  • Whitepapers | Tools of Design newsletter
  • Customized weekly worksheets, sent by email
  • 3 calls, via Zoom
  • Weekly progress reports, by email
  • Closing interview: Reflection
  • Custom report: DK’s recommendations

Starts at USD2.6K
12 weeks

How DK created the toolkits

Design Kompany was an LLC in Seattle offering brand identity services for clients in that city, finding out as we went that there were often more complex conversations to have beyond, ‘What should our new logo look like?’ A background in marketing for architecture firms plus journalism for newspapers helped DK’s Dipika Kohli get people to talk. Talk openly, honestly, and with the important spacemaking guidance that comes from lots of experience in helping people find the moment to share what they wish. In the end, the brand identity design process that we used started to feel more like a strategic visioning exercise. Who are we becoming next? What vision will we have, together?


Updated: October 2023