Appreciative inquiry is at the center of how Design Kompany approaches each project. Commissions include: brand identity designs, custom workshops, facilitation and eWorkshops.

Sectors that we work in:

  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Software
  • Professional Services

Best-fit clients are:

  • Experienced SME owners with 5+ years’ experience
  • Open to the creative process of discovery <-> design
  • Committed to a meaningful collaboration
  • Ready for exploring, experiencing a transformation through the design process

Design Kompany has worked with clients in Europe, Asia, and N America since starting out informally in the 1990s. DK was incorporated as an LLC in 2005 in Seattle.


Select clients, testimonials

Kawsang, Workshop Design + Facilitation, ‘Time for Us’, 1/2-day workshop, Phnom Penh 2022

‘Beyond ordinary team building activities we used to do, the facilitator (Dipika) did an outstanding job introducing innovative methodology that enabled our team to put aside routine work hats, creating a safe space that our team felt comfortable to share and connect with one another our past experiences, family and what we each care about. Our team now sees each other beyond just colleagues. We understand each other more. We grow our respect and appreciation for each other even more.’ —Channé Suy Lan, Kawsang

British Council of Vietnam, Workshop Design + Facilitation, ‘Expanding Windows’, 3-hour workshop, Dalat 2020

‘Thank you. Thanks to your workshop, now I know what a workshop can really be.’ –Guest of Expanding Windows

Oulu Arts Festival, Workshop Design + Facilitation, ‘Hei Kesa’, 3-hour workshop, Oulu 2018

NUK Cafe, naming and brand identity design by Design Kompany 2014

NUK Cafe, Naming + Brand Identity Design, Phnom Penh 2014 Read more

‘Many times designers will do what you tell them to do. But you… would not. You would say, “No. That’s not a good idea, and we’re not gonna do that.” That was new. You made us think, and in the end, we got to a stronger design together. Thank you.’ —Kenneth Hui, NUK Cafe

FOO Cafe, Workshop Design + Facilitation, ‘How to effortlessly rise to your peak productivity in under 60 minutes’ workshop, Malmoe 2015

Neilson Hays Library, Workshop Design + Facilitation, ‘SELF’ 1/2-day workshop, Bangkok 2014

‘I am writing because I wanted to thank you all for sharing ideas and memoirs, I am very much impressed and really enjoyed the workshop SELF. I’ve been working on my writing, and finished one short story which I feel so happy after I finished writing it (it’s in Thai.) I’m working on its English version pretty soon and will send to you all for the feedback. bottom line is I’m happy to let you know that I’ve somehow overcome my fear of writing, though there’re times when I got stuck with the stories, get distracted, or feel like it’s not good enough – if it was before, I was just going to give up. now, I feel it challenged me and I find writing more enjoyable. most importantly, I feel like my writing is getting better too.’ –JL, Guest of SELF

VIA Programs at Stanford, Workshop Design + Facilitation, 2-week S P A C E experiential + residential workshop, Palo Alto 2014

Brainergy, Workshop Design + Facilitation, 1/2-day workshop, ‘Zinery!’, Chiang Mai 2013

‘Modern Sikkim’ was a roundtable series created by Dipika Kohli in Gangtok, 2013

Echostream, Workshop Concept Design + Co-Facilitation, ‘Modern Sikkim’ 5-week conversation salon + 1/2-day youth workshop series, Gangtok India 2013

‘You can’t squeeze a bridge into a milk jug,’ and other memorable quotes, from 30+ participants of all ages.

Aerial Treecare, Brand Identity Design, Durham NC 2013

New Hope Acupuncture, Brand Identity Design, Durham NC 2011

Baltic Room, Brand Identity Design, Seattle 2010 Read more

Green Plus, Brand Focus + Messaging + Brochure Design + Website, Durham NC 2010

‘Anyone who’s worked for a startup-stage organization knows that gaining this clarity is far more challenging than one might think. We’ve incorporated the learnings from this exercise into all of communications, and it helps other people get it too. DK stressed that you have to earn your customer’s trust and loyalty. Truly great brands understand this. My favorite part of the process was the fabulous aha that came when we did our customer activity. DK had us name the personality traits of different kind of customers and once we organized these traits into personas, it was as if a veil had been lifted. Suddenly, conceptualizing what we do, the value we bring, and who we work with became clear.’ —Sarah Kate Fishback, Green Plus

Dipika Kohli hosts her ‘Just Be You’ branding workshop in Seattle, 2009

CORA Northwest, Workshop design + facilitation, ‘Just Be You’ 1/2 – day workshop, Seattle 2009

Allied Arts of Seattle, Brand Focus + Messaging, Seattle 2008

‘DK is a skilled facilitator and creative thinker who worked with our organization on our re-branding and mission. I recommend Dipika and her partner Akira for any organization going through a re-branding process.’ —Ezra Basom, Allied Arts of Seattle

Design Kompany designed the logo for Row House Cafe in Seattle, 2019

Row House Cafe, Brand Identity Design, Seattle 2010

Hindsight Veterinary Care, Brand Identity Design, Corvallis OR 2010

‘Money well spent. Thanks again for such terrific work. It all looks great! The envelopes look especially cool, really eye-catching and novel. Cheers all around and thanks for the millionth time. —Michael Salewski, Hindsight Veterinary Care 

Duke University, Workshop Design + Facilitation for ‘Girls in Physics’, 1/2-day workshop, Durham NC 2010

DK got a commission to create a t-shirt design forhigh school girls in physics. The program, “Scientifica,” gathered Durham students to inspire them about how cool physics is.

Since this wasn’t your typical brand identity design project, there was some room for play. Still, it was important to me to go through a real process. So we got some high school girls together who were interested in the program, and some large pieces of paper. Markers, too. We had a good half-hour brainstorming that birthed the copy, “Friction can’t hold me back, Gravity can’t hold me down.” That was really cool, seeing how it came from the group of half a dozen girls who were actually going to be there on the day. How to make that exciting, though? More ideas surfaced, and the instructors had their own ideas to add to the mix, too. At the end, I settled on something I thought would be cool. What’s awesome is we heard a lot of them wore the shirts to school the very next day.

‘I have one the of the t-shirts from our event last week hanging on my office door. I have had quite a few students (ones I don’t even know) stop in to ask me about it and ask where they can get one. I just wanted to let you know they are a big hit!’ —Jackie Bondell, NC School of Science & Mathematics

A1A Inc., Brand Identity Design + Stationery Design, Seattle 2008

‘I really am pleased with the work the three of us did. The logo is a perfect fit for our company.’ —Dave Eva, A1A Inc.

Matchbox Mobile, Naming + Brand Identity Design + Website, Brighton & Seattle 2008 Read more

‘Our new name and brand reflects how we’ve grown over the past three years from a research focused company to what we’re all about today: creating truly unique custom mobile solutions for our clients. You guys really helped us out with finding our niche.’ —Richard Stott, Matchbox Mobile

Joji Minatogawa Architects, Brand Identity Design, Seattle 2007

C’ODA Design Build, Brand Identity Design, Seattle 2006

Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, Brand Identity Design, Seattle 2006

‘Design Kompany recently came to the rescue of our new organization. They helped us build our new identity and brand, and the whole process was FUN! I have years in marketing, PR and I learned a lot working with DK. Their methodical, creative, curious approach was refreshing and productive.Setting out to launch a new organization, our board and staff were appropriately all over the map about what we’d call it. Design Kompany gave us synergistic tools to get us all to the same place and of the same mind. We wouldn’t be who we are without Design Kompany’s expertise and facilitation. When we were tempted to incorporate too much, they’d gently guide us back to our own mission. When we got confused, they got us back on track. Their ability to work at both a birds-eye and granular level concurrently impressed me and I’d work with them again in a heartbeat!’ —Amani Ellen Loutfy, Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce

Case Design + Project Management, Brand Identity Design, Seattle 2007

Northwest Asian Weekly, Rebranding for the 25th Anniversary + Design Templates, Seattle 2007 Read more

‘I love working with the new design—it’s much more beautiful and easier to assemble as well.’ —Anne-Marie Stillion, NWAW

Gnomedex Conference, Brochure Design, Seattle 2006

‘Your touch is really delicate and modern. Quite lovely’. —P. Gnomedex.

D+A Studio, Brand Identity Design + Website, Seattle 2006

Group3 Architects LLC, Brand Identity Design +Website, Seattle 2006

Edogawa University, Facilitation, Westgate Corporation’s English Conversation course, Kashiwa Japan 2002

‘This is so fun, like learning in a foreign country. You inspired me to study abroad in Canada next year.’ –T, Student 

St. Fachtna’s De La Salle, Short Course Design + Instruction, Introduction to Digital Arts, Skibbereen Ireland 2002

Skibbereen Eldercare Center, Short Course Design + Instruction, Introduction to Internet, Skibbereen Ireland 2002

Modern Business Training Services, Brand Identity Design, Co. Mayo, Ireland 2002

‘Dipika and Akira are an excellent team and that they offer customers a great and above all original stand out design service, allied to a world savvy understanding of what you need to do to get noticed in the busy world we all live in… wonderful people to work with! ;0) —Kieran Hanrahan, Modern Business Training Services 

FAS, Short Course Design + Instruction, Basics of Photography, Skibbereen Ireland 2001

Atlantic School of English + Active Leisure, Brand Identity Design, Schull Ireland 2001

‘We’re confident we could not improve on this and will not need to update for many years. Many thanks for all your hard work and professionalism.’ —Barbara Connelly, Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure

Japanese Language School of Raleigh, Brand Identity Design, Raleigh 1999