Another now

Thank you to the people who have been part of the conversations all through this year. And last year. And the last eight years, while life in Southeast Asia continues somehow to manage to be a ‘thing.’ Endurance and grit and personality. Those are the things I want to explore now, for the moment, in the next set of 10-week conversations in our dialogues in the cloud. Is this something you are curious about? How to stay the course, ‘keep your eye on the ball’, to use an American expression?

Be a part of this dialogue when you join Dipika Kohli, that’s me, for my 4-person circle series of Third Space style of conversations. That happen. Actually happen, you know? I am so happy that they do. #personalgrowth #dialoguedesign #projectnow.

Here’s a link, if you want details.


I like this.