Thank you for the notebook


This message is for _.

So, I emailed you.

It bounced.

I tried different stuff, caps and stuff, still didn’t work.

So this post.

Meet me and my new friend same place next week on Tues? If you can that’d be great.

Hopefully you’ll see this. I have so much news!, so many stories. For example, I told the people at the place what you had said about it, can’t wait to report what happened after that.


Also, thank you for the notebook! I love it and am filling it with many things.

Can share more, next week. Just pop over.

If this weird blog messaging thing doesn’t work I will have to bug your cousin for your number. Then I will have to bug someone else to borrow a phone. Then you will get a weird number and then it will be… well. A bit awkward. But I will do it, you know I would, if only to say ‘thanks’.

I really appreciate the great conversations !

To be continued–

Email works, too.. this is how to get in touch..

PS So many things!, seriously.