Sending my thank-you notes out, to everyone who has taken part in conversations in recent days here at DK, and elsewhere that I am hosting them.

Sometimes real life, even. HT M, A, B.


One note turned into this:

This one goes out, especially, to S and F. (Aside to S & F: You both already kinda know each other, actually, or more accurately, know ‘of’ each other, as they say, from back in the  day with the other things we tried, remember?, in experimental conversation spacemaking. That was waaaaay before I upped the game a bit and got some of the clunky parts out, not perfect, mind, but DK are iterating and going where it feels ‘rightest’ instead of just doing the same things… Where was I? Oh, right. Updates. Anyway, since then I’ve discovered about dropbox papers and how to make soundclouds and how to use zoom. Ergo the calls and mini teleconferencing. Eventually, one day, I hope to gather you both in one moment, one space. Not giving up.)

Hm. Not giving up… Let me explore that a bit…

Selective persistence

Persisting, hm. But selectively.

Actually that is the theme of the Soundcloud file I made today, ‘Static on the Line.’

(That is also the title of the zine that’s coming out this coming Tuesday, in case you are wondering about where that project went. I’m working on it. Science fiction, these days. As all things are when you start them, I still have my training wheels on so forgive me the low-quality aspect of the sound clouds, but then again, I also use photocopiers and sharpies. Maybe accessibility–ie, ‘not-too-polished’ is kind of part of my aesthetic. Yeah, you know what… I think it is. Look at this website? (No hero images, F!, See? I was listening.)


… mostly in response to these various lines of connecting-attempts.

I’ve wanted to quit DK, so many times, I want to just like, go get a 9-5, but. (But not really.) It didn’t ever happen, though. I mean, not since the fourth time I quit DK. ;) [Long stories deleted] I can’t now… Because of all what we talked about, and then, yeah… well.

Short story is, I appreciate your being-there, along with those who joined us in these conversations lately. Another S, and E, for example, and A and B, who are helping me a lot to discern, and to clarify, the next directions.

I can’t really do this on my own. ;)

For you though, who were part of things from before, and well, where did it go?, for you and me, the distance and time, have been harder to work with, when we are far from one another, and yet, and yet. Stuff. I thought about.

Well, I put that into ‘Static.’ Listen to it here.

It is what it is, right?

F, S: We have things to share, yet, I’m confident, and the times will arrive and when they do, great.

More through the mailing list. If. And When. I’m ready.

Wish me luck.

I sure as heck feel like, these days especially, I need it.


PS For those just joining us, start here.