Writing today. Just a small thing. With a few people, in the innermost circles. It’s hard keeping it all to myself in the quietest spaces, but I must. It’s that way, now.


Phew. Two years of Atelier S P A C E and 49 issues in our online store. That’s a big deal, for me, to finish something at 49. I will make one more. Fifty. A good number to close on, and get set to move on to other things. Which would be what exactly… Ah, but there’s yet time to muse and fuss and design, more on that process, in a bit. Meantime, there is still an intention here at DK to keep making something weekly, but… not in the form that I have done, so far… A thing has to shift, I think, for it to stay relevant and interesting (to me). Well, yeah.

So, you know what? I went back to look at the old design idea. I did this thing, just now.

I went to update the ol’ crowdfunding page, to see what I could do there to ‘make it clear’ and ‘tell people what you think they should hear,’ and ‘make it relatable,’ and ‘solve their problem,’ but then I got really really bored.

And when I pressed ‘refresh’ one time, this cool thing happened.

The screen went all funny. It did this:

Click to learn about the original image, cover shot S P A C E | Brussels, ‘The Work of Art’.


Which, you know. Kind of says it all.

‘The Design is not the Design’ is a short essay I shared with maybe 5 people, in recent days. (Because they wanted to know more about what I was talking about when I said, ‘I’d like to invite you to Interactive Papers.’ Just five, yeah… Told you. Very opt-in, these days.)



Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love to move paper around, cut, collage, share, write, discover things with magazines I find, cut and collage again. I do this almost all the time. I can’t even help it. As I am writing this there is graph paper with a poem I scribbled onto it on a day train from the bottom of Poland to the seaside, and also, a flowchart in a blue-covered notebook that was a gift from Z. in Japan, thank you Z., and also some card readers for digital photographs that I still need to figure out what to do with, and some notes, lots of them one is an announcement of an art show that I wrote something on, this paper has been with me since 2007.

I like paper. What can I say?

But after messing around with it for all these years, how many? Decades, yeah, well, time to update.

‘Tech touch,’ is how IK had put it. ‘This needs your tech touch.’ We were talking about an issue of S P A C E that turned into one thing, then another, then quite a different animal, and now is what it is. I’m happy with the conversations that led to the discoveries, and here I am, putting everything I just learned, into application mode. Just like my father had taught me to do: ship, then test. Test, test. Iterate, redesign, rebuild when it’s a loss, and then, shift the game, pivot, relaunch. And so yeah. This is the thing, ladies and gentlemen. This is the thing that’s coming.

See, what happened was this. I. was referring to something else, when he said ‘tech touch.’ But it did the thing all chance encounters do when they are doing their thing, all the serendipity people like the QM physicists I met in DK and me and the composition people who write very modern music and I all love when this happens.

You go, ‘Whoa!’ And… so I added ‘tech’ as a category to my things at dipikakohli.com. And yeah. I think it pushed a weird new button. I got sort of free-jazzy about it, and then, I thought: ‘Tech touch… with paper.’

And here we are…

Playing with digital papers

Getting back to my five invitees. I really should thank them for taking me up on the suggestion, or, well, asking me more about it. To be honest, I imagine they were thinking, ‘WTF?’.. which yeah. Makes sense. Digital papers? That change? And go away? Time. Expiries

But they asked it nicely, like: ‘Tell me more, DK.’

‘K. I will. This.




# # #

28 November 2019