The Mirror | ‘When he woke again, he didn’t jump. He didn’t even try’

I’m putting together a 4-week online short course with all new content for my seasonal reflection workshop, The Mirror.

One of the stories I wanted to put into it is about a grasshopper. I was trying to find that story online so I could include or link to it. I had read about it in the book Integrative Nutrition, which I have here with me in my studio in Phnom Penh. (Out of the bunches of books from the DK library in Seattle at Kornerhaus, this one has made it through many moves and there’s a good reason for that: I like reading it every now and then to remind myself of what matters to me. Health, wellness, well-being, supportive relationships, and meaningful work, for example. I tend to forget if I don’t return to this book, my journals, yearly calls with friends who know me well, and the list about ‘goals’ that I made using the Getting Things Done method. Keeping up with my own motivations, goals, and projects starts with focusing on just those, and not getting distracted by other stuff that just isn’t relevant to them.)

I was looking for the grasshopper story, and I found the video below. In it, the narrator reads the grasshopper story directly from Integrative Nutrition.

Here’s the part where the narrator reads it (after the story she goes on about her personal opinions, just saying)…



‘When he woke again, he didn’t jump. He didn’t even try… Freedom was staring him in the face, and he didn’t attempt to make it his.’


The Mirror | Make time to explore your dreams

All the years of travel and exploring have brought me places and got me meeting people. Lots of people. All around the world, you have a group of people who want you to stay in your box. They don’t want you to explore. They don’t want you to fly free. I have my theories about that but I’ll refrain from putting my personal opinions here, these days I’m sharing them exclusively in S P A C E for those who are interested, only, and if that’s you, you can subscribe at this link.

I’ll bring the grasshopper story up in The Mirror.

The Mirror is an online workshop that I have hosted since 2018. I’ve created a range of prompts and curate them, along with adding new ones, every season. This season’s theme is emerging from what people are telling me they want to talk about, and explore, through the conversations ahead of our December start for the workshop. It’s good to listen to what people care about right now and fashion new reflection prompts to address those things.

People are asking me to help them make time. To reflect. To look inward and see what’s there. To really slow down. Because while people tell me they want to reflect, they can’t carve out the time. The Mirror can help. Each week’s prompt is designed to be complete-able within 20 minutes. That makes it easier to commit time to it, I think, for the busy people who are part of these online workshops and conversations.


Find details about The Mirror here.

There is a fee to participate, but no fee to apply.