The most common question people ask me is [deleted]


‘How are you making money to pay for your life?’

Well, well. Everyone wants to know.

DK is DK. That’s it. That’s all you need to know.


So I skipped the ocean but Z. is sending me pictures of it, and Z.’s pictures are incredibly beautiful, and so, given that, and given that I know Z. and what Z. cares about, at least a little, because instead of going to the Baltic Sea I visited Z.’s amazing bakery like every time I could think of it and invited whomever felt like going with me to go with me–there. I like showing up to the places and establishments of people I like. Today, though, I tried to do this, but a dog bit me.

Not really bit bit.

Nipped? Is that what you say? Nipped? I am forgetting English. I don’t like dogs, so I was annoyed and then I left, and that’s probably it. I don’t look back when I leave.

‘Is that bad?’ I asked V.

V. listened to me talk for about 25 minutes straight about: [deleted] then gave the usual sage advice. Namely, this. [deleted]

Actually, let me just put that into a future issue of S P A C E, since it’s good, and direct, and not noisy. Noisy? I think I’m starting to do that thing that happens when you are doing Study Abroad and you start to Translate Backwards. I don’t know why ‘noisy’ came up in my head but not-noisy writing is what I consider worthwhile to publish in my zine, which you know, costs. (But also, I share posts sometimes with people I know and work with, trust and can relate to. How I choose these people is a matter of past experience coupled with… timing. I have an attention span of 7 days. You make the invitations selectively, and you make layers of them. And then you kind of know who is for real, and [deleted])

Ergo, I talk to people in very small circles, albeit highly curated ones.


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