Conversations. Making things. Showing up. Trying again and again, when it’s not working working, to get it to work, which means what you want it to mean since you’re the one deciding.

Work? It’s a thing that happens when stuff just clicks into place, poised, and in a way that feels both sophisticated, yet also modern and elegant with the hints of both. There is something new in S P A C E this year. It’s a feeling that what started out as blindly collaging things I found, juxtaposing this and that through the rampage that is the thing that the creative process involves, necessarily, and landing after five years into a different mood among juxtapositions (using found imagery, and story, and quotes, and bits, and snippets already written by other people around a thing), and adding them into the place that goes into the issue that makes itself, one week at a time, and sends itself to people who sign up for it, on Tuesdays.

This is it.

The next thing, which is the thing that always was, at the heart of S P A C E.

Express. New. And sharing.

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