The ‘why’ of S P C

Last week I invited a very small subset* of my online community to be part of a September invite-only circle for writing together. In a project called ‘Papers. A few people had asked me, from that, why, exactly, I am doing this. Why, that is to say, I am designing spaces through things like ‘Papers.’

Here’s what I just sent to 9 people on my shortlist for the September invite-only version of Papers, which begins tomorrow. I’m jazzed.

Great question. Thanks for asking !

Short answer is: this is an opportunity for people to converse, and to do this across different kinds of boundaries (culture, nation, etc). Together. I’ve been lucky enough to get to go to 27 countries here and there, so I know the value of simply being in a different kind of ‘soup’, so to speak. Everything you think you know already then can change; when you get to sample new flavors.

The people included in this email are those I met on the road, mostly. So why not circle people into online versions of what I know how to do in real life, namely, gather us and create safe spaces for conversation. Deeply, not superficially.

To give you some context, I’ve updated our project page for S P A C E. It’s a crowdfunding page, and this is the link..

Perhaps that helps you see where these invitations fit in the bigger picture. Comments and participation always welcome.

Best for now,


*Who gets invited? I use a very complex algorithm. It’s called ‘Intuition.’