The Cojournal Project

Thanks for asking about our online project, Papers, sometime recently, or how you could help me share about my projects with those who might enjoy a collaborative writing space.

Photo: Thang Chu, Ho Chi Minh City // 2021

Co-create with DK in S P A C E

The process is this. I care about spacemaking for dialogues and conversations; so I make Papers for us to generally discover new things, together. This happens on Dropbox papers, and in email threads. No more than 4 people, per circle. Invitation only, or invitation by extensions from those who are invited.

It’s a program that began in May 2020. Some have continued all this time and now I’m publishing their stories, after getting familiar with each other and building towards something that’s fun and cool to share with our community, in S P A C E.

Our e-mag is about design and discovery. No religious stuff, no ads, no BS, no endorsements. How does it make money? Participation fees. Self-selecting, this way, and by design the engagement is high. Naturally.

More if interested. Let us know?

Here’s a form.