‘The View.’ It’s for MG. *Thanks* for asking about life in Phnom Penh and what things look like, day to day, M. Here’s a ministory. The view from here is one that is, today, not rainy. There would be rain, there might be rain, there could be rain, because we are sort of in rainy season. Sort of. Because technically it’s hot, usually, really hot, at least, that’s what it was last year, the year before, and the year before that. Learning, expecting the same as it was before, based on previous experience. Which of course is stifling, and subtracts us from the possibility around the corner. Of the not-the-same. *thinking*

And, it’s also mango season, which is, naturally, delicious. I am enjoying the regrowth of the aloe plant. There is a magical story to it, which I just shared in S P A C E. I like that things connect here, and there, and sometimes (is this string theory?) everywhere.

At the time of this posting, I will very likely be offline already. I want to go offline in order to develop the new root. The new growth. For a long time, here at DK, we talked about ‘N+1’ and growth and learning and pushing out of the box. But… and this is where I started to think, Maybe it’s time to move on soon, people I met were like, ‘Huh? Why? Whatever is the point?’ So I went online to just… find people. Again. New people. New perspectives.

The things to come are coming, anyway. So let’s let them. AI, machines, all that. But they can’t play in spaces, they can’t be human. Engage, connect, enjoy, laugh, run, play. Maybe some of those things, I guess, but can they feel the feelings that we can feel when we connect, truly?



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