Of light and now

Planning meeting for ‘Book of Feelings’ / Van Tran, Ho Chi Minh City, October 2021


Today, I want to share a little behind-the-scenes of the making of the issue ‘Starfish’. The words and drawings in that issue, as well as all these photos today on this post, are by Van Tran. He is Atelier S P A C E Ho Chi Minh’s art director this season, and was also our art director for Autumn 2020.

Two years in a row, we converse and connect about art, time, light and shadow, change and generations, and more things that people who have old souls enjoy especially in quiet spaces, over tea and time. This, while the leaves are falling. Did it during the Mid-Autumn festival last year when the city was free and open, and virtually (and also since lockdown lifted) here in same city, still. Watching the leaves fall. Autumn Leaves. Reminds me of a jazz thing… Hm. Will post a mixtape, soon. Hm, hm. ‘Now.’.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present S P A C E | ‘Starfish.’

It’s in Vietnamese, mostly.

See it in our store: http://gumroad.com/designkompany

Download, print, fold, and add your own flair to make it a little bit your own. Like this….

Location for Project Now conversations post-lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City / Van Tran, October 2021


And on a bigger, more esoteric note, there’s the whole work of ‘why make art’ anyway. I mean, isn’t this why? To connect us? All of us, around the world, with our various upbringing and emotions and experiences and realities. What connects us? Art can. If we’re lucky. Bring us together… I feel this way. I feel… art. Not just like art like art school art but Big A “Art” art. Is what. Connects us.

(Especially in lockdowns, when we can’t see each other and connect, in person. How about that, then? Let’s keep doing this. Let’s make more.)

Who wants to try this with me, and us?

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