FOR ALMOST all of the 2000s I would tell our clients (we used to have clients, would you believe–and an office, and phones that plugged into the wall, neighbors, a bar across the street, gads of cafes in that place as it was lower Capitol Hill in Seattle, and my favorite-ever thing which I swore I would someday use to print a book manuscript on and finally did albeit ten years after getting it–an $800 color laser printer)… well, I would tell them, ‘Trust the process.’

Beginnings and trust

I would say that at the very beginning because we go on these wild journeys together, when we go, and we have no idea in which direction we’ll head, or why. We’re just gonna start by starting, I would say.

Since this January, I have grown to see that there is much more than just starting a thing. Momentum (p), is velocity times mass.

The 12-set collection >

if m is an object’s mass and v is the velocity. So the faster you’re going the more momentum. The bigger you are the more momentum. And since S P A C E was conceived in the waning weeks of 2018, it has gained in both. The collection has grown from a few test issues to a robust 12-set sequence, ‘A Philosophy of the Moment,’ and a handful of new ones for the current one, ‘The Book of New Things.’ More than once I’ve looked back and thought, ‘What the?’ But the work is getting better and better: that’s the direct result of all the small ramps that it has taken to build a big one. And it has certainly been a wild, beautiful, engaging, and enormous team task. Especially because that team is in very different places, and scattered about through timezones and points in the span of DK’s existence, too: old ties and new ones, interwoven, are informing the good things that are emerging in S P A C E. That’s the project, by the way. S P A C E for new and different others to connect in remarkable ways. Meaningfully, not trivially. And I do NOT mean silly online dating things or that kind of craic. I mean… meaningfully.

But now it’s my turn. To trust the process.

Because philosophy and metaphilosophy and asking big questions is not… popular. So I have to keep asking around until I find the people who are interested, and keep going when I do. That is the big work now and the forward motion is to press the pedal at the times when the road is straight. Mass x velocity, right?

Zooming, now.

Currently in Japan. A lot to say. Too much. Saving it for the fall, by then I’ll work some of the ideas out into some new zines. If it takes me 10 years to write a book, I’ll say it takes me 6 months to write 12 zines. Let’s see what happens. Hopefully some of the people I am connecting with on this journey will co-create with me, as others have and did for previous issues of S P A C E. Some of my favorites: Hanoi, Aarhus, Brussels, and Kyoto.

New insights

‘And you may not know what that is going to yield, not right away, but it might make sense in say a year or two or ten. But if you’re ready to start new things and see where they might lead, take a chance on DK, and trust the process, then I can promise you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and maybe even learn a thing or two about yourself you did not know.’ This is what I didn’t tell my old clients at DK, in the 2000s. This is what, I learned, my clients from recent years are telling me that I do for them. And that’s why it’s especially important to relay that, here and now. Because when you’re on the edge and not sure what’s next, and alone, because alone is the only place you can find out something very intriguing indeed, I have a cool note in one of my many papers about that from the Eskimo people, and there much more to say, but I can’t keep my eyes open much longer as I’m still a little out of it from moving suddenly from Vietnam to Japan. Worlds. Apart. I feel like I did when I was in CPH and walking the cool blue streets there: florists, cafes, bars, the public transit portals. These are the structures and the trappings of a city. But I forgot that the reason I dived into SE Asia and stayed six years was because… oh, well, let me process it properly first and share it in the fall zine series of S P A C E, will I? That way I’ll keep it neat and clean here. Here is just my note-taking, documenting the process. Because I have to trust it now. It’s my turn to do the thing I used to tell everyone else to do.

‘Trust. The process.

‘DK, trust it.’

‘The Third Place’

Yes. It’s my turn, here at this plateau, to stop and look back and tell myself to not give up, not quit this thing, even if it seems lonely, and that I’m going at it alone, I must remember that I am not, that there are friends and colleagues and more friends and more colleagues awaiting the things ahead. The Book of New Things made itself clear to me today, In the form of a very small, very casually around, very handsome and significant small bounded box. Inside, a set of different things: from here, from there, from far, from near. The past, the present. A set of togethering: again, old meeting new.

Where am I going on this conversation-starting path? Into the depths of the things-to-become, if we let them, as and when we’re ready. (It’s not for everyone, of course. But if you are starting new journeys somewhere, the S P A C E set that self-selects is comprised of a very unique collection of some of those whom I’ve met on my travels and in my work (well, more the former lately, than the latter), and more importantly, through the conversations.)¬†Good new things are starting: mini-parties to get us together in real life in cities around the world (next are Tokyo and Bangkok, for example) and the co-created zines, too.

How to be part of S P A C E

Membership is free with your eZine subscription to S P A C E. DK’ll send you the magazine and a couple of invitations to join us in the co-creation of the Book of New Things. All ahead. Here’s what to do now… click the button below and donate to our crowdfunding page where you can click ‘Weekly S P A C E’. It’s exciting, what’s ahead.

About 1 out of every `100 people I will meet will be just exactly the kind of guests I would want to be a part of S P A C E. Maybe you, reading there, are in that small bracket? On the off chance you are, I invite you to connect. Click this button and you’ll get to our crowdfunding page, just sign up there, and more will follow…


19 March 2019