As Design Kompany is shifting in our work to more consulting and less brand identity design, I wanted to share some things I am reading. I think DK can really help companies that are struggling with getting teams to work together well; because creating alignment through strong visioning and defining a ‘this is what we’re about’ culture is a way to bring people together in important, bond-building ways.

Reading some more, at this link…

I found part of it does a decent job at outlining one take on what HR management is about.

‘The role of human resources professionals is to ensure that a company’s most important asset—its human capital—is being nurtured and supported through the creation and management of programs, policies, and procedures, and by fostering a positive work environment through effective employee-employer relations’

They say the agenda of today’s Human Resource Management Team is to focus on five, critical areas, according to a Forbes article quoted in the link above.

  1. Define and align organizational purpose: A company’s employees must be able to clearly articulate why the company exists in order to achieve a purpose-driven, sustainable, high-performing organization. Employees must also understand how their efforts connect, or align, with the organization’s purpose.
  2. Recruit the best talent by creating, marketing, and selling an Employee Value Proposition (EVP): False marketing and misconceptions about an organization are some of the main reasons why the employer-employee relationship fails. Therefore, companies must create, market, and sell an EVP that is true and accurate as to not mislead potential employees.
  3. Focus on employee strengths: Companies must make every effort to understand what candidates and employees do best and put them into roles where they can play to their strengths as much as possible.
  4. Create organizational alignment: Achievements must align with the organization’s objectives so as to build a successful and sustainable organization.
  5. Accurately measure the same things: All internal departments and employees must be measuring the same things as to achieve a definitive organizational result and to ensure that everyone knows exactly where the organization is at all times.


How Design Kompany can help HR teams

With a lot.

Strategy, branding, and conversation salons have a lot in common with the above. DK is ready to help you learn more about your own team’s potential and build something beautiful, and engaging, that creates a culture that is aligned and solid. This, I feel, will be what you need if you want to make a place that people love to come to work every day.

I certainly never had it until I built DK:)

What about you? What’s next for you? If you want to make a place that people want to work, and you are in management, and you’re open to a conversation, let’s connect and see where things go. I’m ready to start that conversation. Here is a link to get in touch.