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Design Kompany, or ‘DK’, was founded by Dipika Kohli and Akira Morita.

Who met in 1994.

And started collaborating, immediately.

They still are:

Akira Morita and Dipika Kohl / Photo by BOSS, Kuala Lumpur 2018

(DK: ‘At the start it was just’T-shirts, of course. XXL and with a design on the ‘pocket’. All while listening to REM, Xtreme, Chili Peppers. Gosh. Old days, now. Vintage? Hmmm. This was us: very Gen X’). More



Highly process-oriented clients appreciated the team’s acumen in designing concepts, and exploring a very wide range of ideas before fixing on an ‘outcome.’

Things changed in the 2010s, for DK. The studio  began winning commissions for more complex projects.

DK’s  ‘play your way to finding something new’ approach to just about everything led to what came next:

‘Some people call it “innovation design,”‘ says Kohli. ‘Akira and I just keep doing stuff, eventually people seem to want to contract or commission DK, and then, we work with them, in our own ways of course. Styles and approach are different for each opportunity, but mostly, when we find alignment then it works great. In what? Oh, well. In doing the big work of lightly but efficiently and playfully exploring our way to finding something… new. Together.



  • The ‘Year of Dialogue’ project: N. America, South Asia, Southeast Asia (2012)
  • A yearlong tour of Southeast Asia to ‘practice the unknown, uncertain, and different’ (2013)
  • Setting up DK in Phnom Penh (since 2014),
  • Starting new ventures with other collaborators, outside of and adjacent to, and complementarily with DK, and
  • Publishing a weekly mini-mag, S P C (since 2017),
  • Which is for philosophical exploration of design and its applications, plus ‘the craic,’ as we would have said in Ireland.

Right. Ireland. Happened before we got to Seattle. That’s where we learned to tell a good story, and have a good laugh, along the way.

Says DK: ‘Keep stretching, keep growing, keep exploring past the edge.’


Reliability. Quality. Openness to trying new things and letting better ideas emerge through a set of wide, deep explorations. Doing what you say you will. Longitudinal relationships. Long-term connexion. Growth. Discovery. Space for learning, independently and in teams, too. Honesty. Integrity. Social consciousness. Warmth. Directness. Kindness.


DK is taking commissions from February 2020. We offer boutique consulting services in design, concept design, Human-Centered Design, design thinking, and personal development. (This last one requires successful participation in our 8-week eWorkshop. It’s called, The Mirror. Starts at USD 120.)



Let’s make meaning. Let’s converse. Let’s play our way towards finding new ways to approach old problems. Some people call us ‘innovation consultants.’

Let’s strive to not reinvent the wheel, not to fragment, not to isolate others. Let’s collaborate in important, useful and empathetic ways.

Let’s work with what’s there in order to make something that’s not just ‘better,’ but that’s great.

For all of us, not just some of us.

Listening. Learning. Connecting.

And building: That’s what we’re looking to make, with those who want to do the same.



Email is the best way to connect with DK. Write to us through the form on this page.


DK hosts events in order to connect, and interconnect, new and different people: one designful conversation at a time.

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