Meaningful concepts, we’re talking about, I mean

Not just something that sounds nice, or ‘has a ring to it.’

‘Let’s play.’

Here’s what we do.

We help our clients get extremely clear on the major questions, ‘Who are we?’ and ‘Why we do what we do?’

The way we do this is through conversations. Dialogues, spacemaking techniques we’ve learned through the years in each and every engagement with clients. We listen. We learn how to listen better, too, as we go.

That’s why it’s so natural to work with our new clients to arrive at insights. Knowing who you are sets everything up for how you lead. A culture. A vision. Much more.

A singular concept (we mean one that will not change next week, but is real, and sticks, and comes from the gut and heart), is a rare find. But if you’re there, you can communicate authentically—you’ll have a way of communicating that’s relevant, meaningful, and sincere.

You’ll just know.

Are you there yet?

If yes, perfect.

If not, you can hire DK.

Contact us through the form on this page.

A. Spaice


PS Ask us about our short workshops, or experiential learning programs we have. We work in the Southeast Asia and Northern Europe regions.

PPS For more involved concepting work, we require that our clients have been in business for 5+ years. Shy of five years, perhaps our online workshop, The Mirror, could be a good start to getting clear about the work you do and why it matters to your clients. More about The Mirror.