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‘What’s it like in Vietnam, DK?’

Since I’m in Vietnam, I think it’s a good time to tell you a little bit about what I’m seeing, and how I’m experiencing, the pandemic, from here.

First, it’s weird as anything seeing news. Especially about what was happening in the United States in January. I mean, whoa. It was troubling, and that’s a very light word. I was reminded of being in Ireland and learning about the attacks on the World Trade Center. I remember that very, very well. Recently, thanks to making a new online profile on the business networking site LinkedIn, and, through that, resuming and restarting dozens of newly rekindled connections, I found the very folks who were with me at that time, in Ireland. Back then they had asked me, ‘Are you okay?’, and this time, we got to download a little about this year’s bizarre spectacle Stateside, too.


Ho Chi Minh City

Living very far away

Certainly you think about many things being very far away from the culture that has been familiar but which you chose to let go of, as best as you can, because it doesn’t ‘fit’ you. This is an abstract idea. Then again, what about DK isn’t abstract? ‘Kay, cool. [deleted]

Many people ask me over the new strings of LinkedIn messages, ‘What took to you Asia?’ It’s been a journey, but you can read Breakfast in Cambodia to find out. Here’s a link. http://kismuth.com/villagereport

I’m writing a new one now.

It’s called Reality & Trust.


And now, Reality & Trust

This is the last day of a four-day weekend. This is a pic from the weekend….

Vietnamese News Express

beachgoers as reported on a story by Vietnam News Express… the link to the original story is: https://e.vnexpress.net/news/travel/places/vacationers-shrug-off-covid-19-threat-flock-to-tourist-destinations-4271361.html

Why am I sharing this? Well. I’m not at that beach today. I’m simply not anywhere busy or cramped. Instead, I am home. Mostly making tea. Writing.


I’m in Vietnam. I’m writing, as I do. I can’t help it. I just don’t blog like I used to because, why? ‘Just read my books.’


Flourishingly, that’s how it feels here, today, with the writings. Writing and more.

Tea makes it better.


And friends.

HT LT, talk on Wednesday.