AS: What is it about?

DK: ‘A Nomadic Existence?’ asked one of my longest-term mentors. ‘What is it about, exactly? Can you name that? Can you paint a picture of what it IS? In other words, what is the content of your forum?’ Let me answer that. What IS it about. It’s about lots. It’s about the things that happen, magically, when we simply make *time* and *space* to converse, together.

AS: How does it work?

DK: I post on Mondays. We have a week to write a response. Then, on Sundays at 7PM ICT, I respond and craft the next day’s post. It’s emergent, one step at a time. It’s N+1. All of this is behind protected-page posts on this blog. Those who are taking part in the online forums are participant, see, and I truly mean are participating in the making of the content, as we go. We don’t have to know each other for a lifetime, heck we don’t even have to know one another for one hour. Or ever have met in real life. But… we show up together, and there’s a pattern of how this works, and what we can do with it, and you know? It’s a kind of community, without all the weird things that some communities turn into… I believe that this is a conversation space, and it’s also an exploration. I don’t know why I’m going into this much detail. Because I care so much? Because I lack editing skills? That’s where you come in, A. Thank you.

AS: Why is it interesting? What makes it different?

DK: We are looking for the a-ha. It comes, at times. I believe there is a way to design space for meaningful, magic moments. Connexion. Real connexion. I believe it has to be designed for, this kind of quality of truly well-collaborated, well-made space. There is design, but design is useless if it’s not inclusive and inviting and welcoming and made-by-the-collection of those who are there.

AS: Hm.

DK: Too often in this world we see the other example: meetings run by people with top-down styles, oligarchies, backstabbing at the graduate student labs of young scientists, undercutting, passive aggressive behaviors. This is… bad design. For the making of space, the kind that invites the opinions and dissent, that makes it safe to let our guard down, that lets us give ourselves permission to be ourselves, honestly and truly, even if that might be for some people the first experience, ever, with simply letting go. Of the facade. The press to conform. That stuff that diminishes the more beautiful part: differentnesses, in the composite. The composite is the whole. Oh, no. I’m getting philosophical…

AS: Tell me more.

DK: Making magic moments around the world, one designful conversation at a time.  (How it happens, where it happens, and what will unfold are, at this moment, still in that place of ‘not-knowable.’ That’s okay. It’s about going and doing, isn’t it? At least, that’s been DK’s way.) In S P A C E. We are ready A Nomadic Existence is a real life journey. It is also a virtual one.

AS: Is this the first time you’ve done anything like this?

DK: Online forums? No. If it’s anything like other online programmes we have hosted, here is what will happen. Guests who’ve applied, been selected, and registered will, over the next 12 weeks, be asked questions in a way they might not have expected. They will be making time and space (20minutes a week) to reflect. They will also have an audience to share with: the other members of the 4-person circle. Just 4, yes. It’s nice to keep things small and cozy. Most of our things are this way, now. Easier. Simplifies. The forums are fun. They are online protected-page posts. In these spaces, we will connect, converse, and discover through writing in response to the weekly prompts to come what it is that matters to us, and who it is we are, and other things like how to find really great accommodations or where the co-living spaces and hubs are that are popping up around the world. It’s getting funner and funner. I’m looking forward to this.

AS: Any parting thoughts?

DK: See you in the up.