Here’s how to make S P C

You download them, then print front-back four times. Then with the four pages double-sided, you can see how the page numbers go, and you can fold them. Then you can sew them. Maybe even add your own flair.

An example:

  1. Print…

2. Finish…


With ‘Sunny Side of the street,’ as with ‘A Walk in Regent’s Park,’ things are linking up. Now the stories are talking to each other.

‘SSoS’ and ‘AWiRP’ speak together on topics related to: shade, shadow, light, relationships, friendship, conversation, beauty, art, love, philosophy… and the black space in which anything is possible.

Telepathy? Some of that, too.

Learn more about our project Atelier S P A C E and how we’re carrrying forward with things, here.




Found this.

From ‘How to Make a Zine’ by Rona Akbari in this post on a blog produced by Kickstarter:

At the core of the zine-making ethos are subversion, freedom of thought, and a DIY attitude.

I also like this:

What are zines good for?

Zines tend to be a bricolage of various images, texts, and messages. Here is a list of just a few of the things you can do with the zine format:

  • Publish sketches, drawings, and mini-comics
  • Match recipes with whimsical illustrations
  • Mix words with images and textures
  • Print lines of poetry
  • Share a manifesto
  • …the list goes on

Basically, what you can include in a zine is only limited by your imagination.