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Learning new languages, at least enough to communicate in the day to day, and exchanging thoughts across nation-border divides has been the best part of hosting Atelier S P A C E meetups, for me.

Ask me how to space words out so you don’t have to really say much but. meaning gets communicated (kiitos, Finland!) or get your pronunciation sorted out because you have to say the right thing to get the right food (ngon!, I can say it now!, Vietnam).

Atelier S P A C E exists so that those who super-duper opt-in (applications, fees) get to have the chance to engage deeply in an experience. To meet, and interconnect with very new, and very different others. For high-quality and very real and very intercultural sorts of language and philosophical exchange. It’s like my 2017 Project Epicurus, but more focused to just a handful at a time. No more than four per session.

Pandemic-shifted popups are what I do now. But what stayed the same is the resistance to ‘group think’, ‘work is family’, and ‘cult’ culture that ruins creative thinking by pressuring people to throw away their individuality and conform (blech). Why lose your identity for any reason, why not celebrate it, and understand where you begin? What better way to do that than go somewhere you’ve never been before and see what you’ve never seen? Travel necessitates this. And so does Atelier S P A C E.

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