Why Make Space

For me, something wasn’t quite ‘quality’ enough
The initiative to make better S P A C E
Started there.

I wanted to do something about how:

  1. People seem difficult to approach, and not because anyone is ‘awkward,’ but because
  2. Internet and status anxiety have gotten in the way of naturally beginning a conversation.
  3. The kind of conversation, I mean, that is neither ‘work’ related or ‘home,’ or ‘dating. But just is.
  4. Learning from new people, with different perspectives: that’s valuable.
  5. New input leads to new thinking, which prompts fresh beginnings.
  6. And freshness opens doors to… we don’t even know what yet.

About the mini-mag that I publish every week…

So, since 2014, I’ve been gathering people just like that by simply putting event ideas here, on Eventbrite. And ‘let’s just see what happens’ kind of jam sessions of extraordinary connexion somehow, from this intent, just… pop out and become real.

I love this.

New and different others crossing paths *by design*. I host. It’s fun.

We meet.

For a short time.

Just once.

In S P A C E.

Experience it.

‘OK, but what does it look like, DK?’

‘At the beginning? This:’


S P A C E invites you to co-create with DK

Making S P A C E for real life, then for conversations, then for connecting people who are having those conversations is the work I do here at DK.

The important part is having the conversations.

After that, there might be a few documentations that we collect up into our magazine, S P A C E.

See our finished collection,  or subscribe to our weekly e-mag, S P A C E.

Be ‘in’ on what this looks ike,s sounds like, feels like, and experiences like.

I’m ready for the journey.

‘Where are you going next, DK?’

‘?, ?, ?, and then ?’



Things turn into things. Finished issues, from conversations, sparked by the ?, and the curious question, ‘What if!?’