Why workshops

I believe that a leader’s role is to help each member of their team in their effort to achieve their personal goals. They tell you where they want to go, and your job is to help them get there. But how do you know how to get people talking? That’s where DK comes in.

I’ve created these workshops for people to hear each other fully, deeply, and not superficially, in a structured way so they can share. They are adapted toolkits, shared with participants, and built from 20 years’ experience in getting people talking together. Meaningfully, not superficially. DK had built these toolkits from our past work in brand identity design.

Workshops are designed for three groups:

  • Individuals who want to reflect on their 2023 and chart a course for 2024 and beyond
  • Leaders of small companies
  • Teams of 15 or fewer who may not have time to get to know each other’s personal goals when at work

Experience it.