THIS ISSUE of S P A C E, set in Rīga, and titled ‘Drift,’ has been changed so many times on the digital page, it’s nuts. I have yet many more edits to do, too. ‘Drifting’ rather unintentionally in recent hours, for example, has led to new weird insights that I don’t think… it’s weird to try to write with 0 hours of sleep and it’s twenty to 8AM where I am. I’m tired. I’m really really tired. But I’m also… exhilarated. Life and the journey, drift and the shift… these are the discovering-ables that I am here for. This was a good morning. Tea and talking: learning the work of letting go of rigid thinking, and remembering how to laugh at the things that a more stern, serious version of yourself would have come up with 823,490 reasons to have gotten angry over. Well, well. Here we are.