Winter 2024

Happy New Year, and well wishes from Atelier S P A C E, here at DK.

I put together a short overview of Atelier S P A C E, and shared some inside there about how this project got started, way back in the days. It was organic and didn’t seem to have any reason to want to explain itself in an overview like this, all these years, or so I had thought. But more people are asking me, ‘Why do you do this?’, and so on, and related questions, and I understand attention is tight an people like visuals. So do I. After five years of making S P A C E weekly, it was a matter of thirty-two minutes to make this PDF. I hope to share it with more people who are serious about asking me about why I make S P A C E, to share the story and hopefully invite, include, and connect with new and different others who could enjoy this kind of experience, too.


The Winter 2023/24 collection is ready to invite you to be part of..

My Atelier S P A C E overview, with a last-page note on the plan for Winter 2024.