In an article about burnout for Harvard Business ReviewJennifer Moss writes: 

‘Leaders could save themselves a huge amount of employee stress and subsequent burnout, if they were just better at asking people what they need… Employees may not have the perfect silver-bullet solution, but they can most certainly tell us what isn’t working — and that is often the most invaluable data.’



Try our workshop, ‘Time for Us’

Having trouble finding a way to approach the conversation? If you have a team of 15 or fewer people, maybe Design Kompany can help facilitate a useful dialogue for you and with you designing the goals with us, from the get-go. It’s fun and it works.

You’ll get:

  • The chance to hear what people are really thinking,
  • Dipika Kohli’s style of facilitation designed to yield meaningful conversation that leads to insights,
  • Breakthroughs,
  • Time for people to share who they really are, individually, with people opening up,
  • Authentic sharing in which expressions of people’s personalities can be felt,
  • A chance for people to get to know each other, which is valuable for
  • The opportunity to see in practice how burnout prevention works when you allow people time to air their feelings,
  • Guaranteed moments of genuine laughter, sharing,
  • And fun.

See ‘Time for Us’. Here is a link.

Time for Us