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Mirror | ‘Work or family?’

Found this on Quora:

Q. Do people regret choosing a career over family/relationship/social life?

A. By Mya Maria

No, because I did not.

I am still waiting for my father to wake up to this avail – he is still pursuing his career for which he sacrificed all personal relationships he had (that I know of), and he’s a bitter old man who has not reached the recognition he wants and who uses all his gains to promote and re-promote his own work. This is partly the reason for which I did not believe in the mirage of a career.

The right way would be a decent balance of both.

Seeing you can support and influence positively your loved ones is an opportunity no career provides. But you also need means for survival and as much as possible the satifaction [sic] of an activity that fits your aspirations and build.