For more than ten years our studio worked exclusively in brand identity design. There are six sessions to it, and you will have a compete brand identity design system at the end of them. It’s very straightforward and has worked for 50+ SMEs to clarify a unique value proposition, and express that visually through graphic design. This service works best for people who have been in business for 5+ years, are open to conversations about their ‘why’, and ready to think deeply about vision, messaging, and brand strategy.

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Naming + Brand Identity Design  

These four designs are:

Brand Identity Design

  • A1A, Seattle
  • Aerial Treecare, Durham NC
  • Avenue Medical, Seattle
  • Atlantic School of English + Active Leisure, Schull, Ireland
  • The Baltic Room, Seattle
  • Barka Lounge, Portland
  • Blitz! (Capitol Hill Arts Walk), Seattle
  • Bonanzle, Seattle
  • The Broader View, Seattle
  • C’ODA, Seattle
  • Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, Seattle
  • D+A Studio, Friday Harbor WA
  • Group 3, Seattle
  • Gupta Insurance & Family Services, Los Angeles
  • Japanese Language School of Raleigh, Raleigh
  • Joji Minatogawa Architects, Seattle
  • Kikokugo, Seattle
  • Million Monarchs, Portland, Ore.
  • Miyabi, Tukwila WA
  • New Hope Acupuncture, Durham NC
  • Northwest Asian Weekly, Seattle
  • Revolt, Seattle
  • Row House Cafe, Seattle
  • Spaccarotelli, Seattle
  • Vibrance Nutrition & Fitness, Seattle
  • Write with Meaning, Seattle

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