This studio was founded in Seattle in 2004 as ‘Design Kompany,’ and nicknamed ‘DK’ pretty quickly. It shifted to the East Coast for three years for a pit stop before setting out for Southeast Asia, and has been mostly based in Phnom Penh since 2014.

It is a project of Dipika Kohli and Akira Morita

Today, the same core team are independent consultants in: innovation, design thinking, and experiential learning program design. They assemble when it’s time to make something new. Something different. For people who welcome, and value, that kind of thinking, as they look for new ways to approach old blockages, in an exploratory quest for: fresh approaches, unexpected perspectives, and dialogue through ‘discovery’ to precipitate ideas. Not everyone resonates. But about one in a hundred really do.

A. Spaice is our research and development director.

Jas Plac handles all outreach and communications.


Open for commissions July 2020

Wavular is a lab for exploring many angles on ‘discovery’. This means both in terms of learning and how we approach design. It’s different. It’s not just ‘make this pretty’ design work. It’s much deeper. More conversation, more thinking, more exploration, more… depth. That kind of digging for a clear and original concept, from which we build designs around, is simply too much work for most people. We usually work with 1 out of every 100 people who say ‘I’m kind of interested! Tell me more!’ There is a pretty straightforward way to see if it’s a fit, for us. We just ask one question, and then we know. What is the question? Get in touch and Jas will tell you.


A mini-magazine, called S P C

Sometime around 2017, we began sharing the highlights of what we’ve found in a weekly e-mag, S P C, mostly focused on creative nonfiction and graphic art, but also, heavily reliant on conversations with people we were meeting in the field (Finland, Cambodia, Latvia, Thailand… A lot… read more about S P C here.)


Start a conversation..

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change:’ Quantum physicist Max Planck