Writing your English-language Business Profile: New Service for Cambodian Business Owners

Trying to describe your company in English, without a native speaker on staff, may be difficult. We are offering this service for a short time to help you make a short profile. It will be clear, simple, and also compelling. Most importantly, you can use it in any way you like: on your website, social media profiles, and in your e-mail marketing, too.

Here’s a WikiHow article on how to write a business profile:


We will work with you to go through this exact process.

Step by step.

WHO. This will be a service offered for our new friends and acquaintances in Cambodia. Cambodian businesses, only, for the special price of USD200*. It will be for those whose business practices align with our values: clarity, creativity, sustainability, equality. We care about these things and want to help businesses who also care about these things to express themselves clearly. *If you are not a Cambodian business owner, but based in Cambodia, it is USD550.

TIME. The time you will need to set aside will be 2 hours in the morning, 9am-11am.

METHOD. I was an editor for a business newspaper in Seattle for two years, and before that, a feature editor for many small business owners to tell their stories to, in southwest Ireland. I will use my background in journalistic reporting to find out what your most compelling business value proposition may look like for a prospective customer, and help tell your story in a clear, simple way. The business profile will be short and on point. I will meet you for 2 hours in a morning of your choice. I may follow up with you on email for clarifying something.

COST.  The full payment of USD200 is due at the first meeting.

DELIVERABLE. I will email you the profile in a 1-page Word document before 9pm the next business day. If you need changes made, there will be additional fees.

USAGE. Unlimited usage rights will be granted to you.


To get started, contact me through the page here: http://designkompany.com/contact