‘What is S P A C E?’

S P A C E is a zine.

‘What’s a zine?’

A ‘zine’ is a mini-magazine.

‘Who is it for?’

People who love to explore.

They’re well-traveled, conversant on many topics, interested in other people, and like to learn new things.

You can be a part of the international, asynchronous conversation to gain fresh perspectives and converse with others whose paths you may not have otherwise crossed. Engineering serendipity in this way is one of my goals for making S P A C E. Why do that? Well, from personal experience I have discovered the richest, most useful information about life and life choices by simply talking to people. A lot. Different kinds of people, importantly. For a variety of inputs.

I believe members of S P A C E, like me, find value in conversing with real people and learning what they feel, think, and talk about instead of just reading passively on the internet or ‘consuming content.’ How is that relevant to us, if it’s not personalized? S P A C E makes everything more human-scale-personal. (Read about how zine-making ateliers are DK’s solution to what the WHO calls ‘a public health threat’)

Social distancing was never a problem for Atelier S P A C E, as we prefer introvert-friendly conversation spaces. I connect people and get us talking in small circles of no more than four at a time. This takes place in closed, small-circle virtual dialogues and real-life meetups.


‘What does it contain?’

Every quarter, S P A C E adopts a new theme. This season, it’s ‘An Ecology of the Moment.’ Creative thinking, creative approaches, unique perspectives, and researched items that members of S P A C E are talking over: that’s what’s inside. Currently: meaningfulness, design, purpose, and how to arrive at elegant outcomes. Just an example. The content and themes emerge weekly, based on what people are saying, and shift as newcomers join S P A C E, too. At heart, S P A C E is a ‘Third Place:’ neither work, nor home. It’s not a cocktail party, because those are showy, and often energy-consuming instead of relaxed, informal, and recurring. (I prefer smaller, and more comfortable occasions: I like when we start getting to know each other, over time.)


‘Is it on social media?’

Sort of. Occasionally I will post on instagram, at: http://instagram.com/dkompany

On FB, even less. DK is at: http://facebook.com/designkompany

DK has a LinkedIn page, and you can follow it for regular updates on events.


‘Who makes S P A C E?’

S P A C E is written by me and friends, also teammates in Atelier S P A C E. I’m Dipika Kohli. Atelier S P A C E teammates are people who come to the events I host in the cities where I go, and who choose to participate in making zines with me. Content is selected from myriad conversations that fall together when we meet and talk, regularly. You can see some of the people whose work has appeared in S P A C E on the always-updating crowdfunding page. I feel lucky to have gotten to work with such talented people to make these informal publications.


‘How established is it?’

S P A C E has been going since 2017. We’ve made more than 200 issues so far. S P A C E has been in a few festivals: the Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne, the San Francisco Zine Festival, and the Oulu Arts Festival.

‘How often do you publish?’

It’s a weekly.

‘Can I contribute a story?’

If you subscribe first, yes. Thanks.


‘Where can I get it?’

Online. Subscribe to get the e-mag every week. To subscribe, you can go here or here,

‘Why do you make S P A C E?’

Check out the presentation >


‘How can I subscribe?’

To subscribe, you can go here or here,