Atelier S P A C E Ho Chi Minh City Art Director: Văn Trần

The cover of S P A C E | Ho Chi Minh City, ‘A Cool Evening’ is this arresting image by Van Tran, September 2020


‘A Cool Evening’

Discovery. When you go somewhere new, you can find out things about yourself. Things that, for example, maybe you had no idea were inside of you or that you could dream into possibility. Plus, you can experiment and explore to find out how to try new ways to do old things. Certainly such sorts of things are not new to chef-photographer Văn Trần.

Not only did he work in a four-star hotel kitchen for five years, trying new recipes and both failing and succeeding at many adventures while he was still in his hometown in Danang, he’s also been abroad. He traveled to: Melakka, Penang, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. These are all places that are quite far, relatively, from his beloved hometown, of Danang.

The images below are from Hồ Chí Minh, where he spends his time observing quiet moments and the day-to-day. (Also, the weather.)

New Cuizines

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