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Be real. Be sincere. Let’s talk about what your new rebrand can say to the world. Ready, set. Let’s play. 

Learn, grow and explore through the process built in-house at Design Kompany. DK’s first few projects were in the 1990s but DK got serious and registered an LLC in Seattle in 2005. After a few ad hoc projects, branding became our focus. Now, it’s communication design.

These are some of our works, 2006-2014. DK reopened in March, 2022.


Feature project: Atelier S P A C E 

Brand identity for S P A C E. Virtual, weekly. Atelier S P A C E is a project of Dipika Kohli.

DK’s roving international zinemaking ateliers started in 2017. The big idea is to go, learn, discover, listen, and connect: deeply, not meaningfully. With new and different others. So as to put together the highlights of the best learning into a sequence of zines. Publishing every week, the project has been featured in zine festivals in Oulu, Melbourne, and San Francisco.

Atelier S P A C E’s closest collaborators have helped make these things happen. They include: Michael Bridgett Jr., Michael Tharamangalam, Van Tran, Anonymous, Quan Nguyen, A. Spaice, and Jas Plac. Under the vision and leadership of DK’s Dipika Kohli, the conversations began, and continue, through crowdfunding, in The Third Place. Join them when you become a member of S P A C E. Details of how to do that are at the end of this page.



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