Branding + Brand Identity Design

Branding + Brand Identity Design

Dipika Kohli is the CEO of Design Kompany. She started it informally in the 1990s, then incorporated as an LLC in Seattle in 2005. Kohli has more than 20 years of experience living for extended periods of time in different parts of the world (N. America, E. Asia, Southeast Asia, W. Europe), absorbing from the creative inputs informed from myriad cultures. Who are you, why does it matter, and what do you want to say to the world about your ‘why’? These are the things we will find out, and give expression to, through a solid, clean, modern designs. Classic design. Timeless. One of the designs above was made in 2001, and still is in use today.

DK is the place to go for ideas that will help you find out more clearly what it is you want to do, next. Try our style to get to places you never would have otherwise gone. It’s like going down a hallway and seeing doors on the sides you never would have seen, said one client. ‘You helped us see that, then open the doors, and wander around to check out everything that we would have otherwise missed.’ This is serendipity‘s place in making sure to design our branding for you in ways that will be fresh, new, and original. And true to who you are. That’s really it. The whole thing. Hire DK for your rebranding, if you’re up for the challenge to find that out.

You’ll be taken on the exact kind of journey that will help you uncover who it is you really are, what you want to focus on, and, importantly, what to let go of, too. Anything is possible. Let’s play.



Is it time to update your graphic design? Revisit your brand marketing strategy, and level up? DK can help.

Rebranding is our speciality. Classic, timeless design is our strength. One of the designs pictured above is still being used, as we made it, in the early 2000s. How about that, for staying power? Though an update might be nice. In March 2022, I reopened Design Kompany to focus on rebrands.

Could this be useful to you?

Maybe you are thinking it’s time to retrace the steps where you go back to the start and ask, ‘Where am I today that I didn’t know I would be, and who is my audience, now that I’ve had a chance to see what works best for me, and to choose?’

Time changes things. The pandemic shifts it all, too. Perhaps you have had time to think through big questions, and evaluate your next steps. After all, we are getting forever inundated with communications. How will you stand out amidst a discerning, attention-poor market?


Redesign. Brand messaging, and polishing up. Or, at least asking the big brand related design questions to see, ‘Is this really what I want to express? Or could I make subtle shifts and more clearly reach the exact people I love working with most.’

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How does branding work?

The first point of contact with your company will be your brand. Maybe someone has heard of you. Maybe they check out your stuff on social, or your site. Or maybe they just pop in one day to your office to see, ‘Are these people what they claim to be?’ Because authenticity matters.

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‘The way you show up, over time, and how people perceive you: that’s important,’ Dipika Kohli, the founder of Design Kompany, shares. ‘It’s not what you say, it’s what they say, as they put it in widely circulated anecdotes that help illustrate the point. I love that. It just sums it up.

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Again, clear brand identity design and messaging is about clarifying, first to yourself, then to the peopel around you, exactly what voice you want to speak together in when you represent your brand. In short, all of what people receive is up to them to interpret from all of what you share. So, in sum, the work to do is to craft the experience of interfacing with your brand. It’s that simple. But of course that is hard to pull off. Unless you have a guiding hand. This is where Design Kompany can help.

It is about perception. ‘We might think we know what we are communicating because we think we know, but they don’t know what we think, so, that’s where the importance of a clear, and consistent, brand identity design becomes useful. Use it to do the hard work of telling the story for you. You don’t have to clutter up everything with tons of words. Just: be clear about it.’  If you need help, talk with Design Kompany. There’s a link to the contact page, below.

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Case studies of DK’s brand identity designs

Brand identity design for NUK Cafe in Phnom Penh
Brand identity design for La in Ho Chi Minh City [in-house]
Brand identity design + layout for S P A C E, DK’s weekly e-mag [in-house]
Naming + branding for Million Monarchs
Brand identity for Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce