Mixtape!, ‘Osmosis’

One of the more interesting parts of being in Vietnam since February, somehow getting more and more accustomed to the idea of it, is that, um, I’m starting to understand Vietnamese. Okay, it’s cool that I got some help with that, like, real life and … MoreMixtape!, ‘Osmosis’

Mix tape: ‘NAIV’

It’s here.. Mix tapes.. This one includes some of my favorite songs from those days when I used to have cassettes (including Bollywood ones, yeah). Also, I put something from the jazz genre because I really, really miss hearing live jazz. Soooooo many songs I … MoreMix tape: ‘NAIV’

‘Music is important’..

i made a mix tape for you, sài gòn. thank you for this welcome. dk <3 tháng 9. 2020 A *** These Days Nico *** Mind Circus Miki Nakatani (中谷 美紀) *** Last One Standing Ladytron B *** Sài Gòn Cafe Sữa Đá Hà Okio *** … More‘Music is important’..

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Makin’ a mix tape

I’m still working on this new one, but I am fondly recalling many light conversations back in high school about making mix tapes. Also, the accompanying quiet moments of happily actually building  them. Small construction projects, each of these. Who remembers? (Gen X, raise your … MoreMakin’ a mix tape


Making a mix tape today for my new friends into jazz, here in Saigon. While I was at it, I couldn’t help remembering one of my favorite videos. This one.

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Exit Vantaa

IN THE 1990s, I used to make tons of mix tapes. I wish I could make one right now, but I don’t know how to do that easily so what I’m going to do is cue up a playlist for you. It’s inspired by the … MoreExit Vantaa