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  • Mixtape | Dramatics

    Mixtape | Dramatics

    A. Spaice / Dipika Kohli · Workshop Playlist Oct 2022

  • Mixtape | ‘Autumn Leaves’

    Mixtape | ‘Autumn Leaves’

    A. Spaice / Dipika Kohli · Autumn Leaves

  • Mixtape | 109.5

    Mixtape | 109.5

    A. Spaice / Dipika Kohli · 109.5 // View this collection of Mixtapes.

  • 4K


    This one is 4k A. Spaice // DK · 4K

  • A mixtape for U

    A mixtape for U

    See you in the city very sooooonnnn… Thank you, UV. This mix is for you. A. Spaice // DK · Before I Meet You, This

  • ‘The A Train’

    Makin’ a mix tape. I like to do this sometimes. Like this: A. Spaice // DK · The A Train HT Friends of Papers, subscribers of S P A C E.

  • ‘Tessa’


    A. Spaice // DK · Tessa

  • Mixtape | See you Saturday, maybe

    Mixtape | See you Saturday, maybe

    Good evening from Ho Chi Minh City, ladies and gentlemen. Let me share with you the mix tape, ‘See you Saturday, maybe,’ featuring a few musicians I’ve gotten to listen to often and sometimes even chat with in real life (remember when that was a thing?) about art, composition, intrigue,…

  • Mixtape: December

    Mixtape: December

    A. Spaice // DK · December

  • Mix tape: ‘NAIV’

    Mix tape: ‘NAIV’

    It’s here.. Mix tapes.. This one includes some of my favorite songs from those days when I used to have cassettes (including Bollywood ones, yeah). Also, I put something from the jazz genre because I really, really miss hearing live jazz. Soooooo many songs I wanted to put on this…