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See you in ‘The Mirror’

Everything is stating to coalesce, now.

I have just finished writing the outline for the next eWorkshop, The Mirror.

The theme this time is personal leadership.

The Mirror | ‘Personal Leadership’



EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. Co-discovery is at the heart of this, along with self-discovery, at the core. Find out how it feels to be in The Mirror. Here is a link with an outline of who should join.

Who should join ‘The Mirror?’


A Philosophy of the Moment · Ideas of Curiosity

9 February | ‘The Third Place’ in Phnom Penh

I’m in this picture, but it’s kind of hard to tell. My first conversation installation in Phnom Penh, in 2014, was ‘Origin.’


Thanks for supporting, always, these miniature roundtables and conversation salons. I have a one-pager about them, now, why I do these things and what I hope to gain from the conversation spacemaking. I mean, it really is best for me to meet and I enjoy talking in real life, so that’s the main idea. For me. Like it’s 1990. Of course the people make the events, so I want to invite a few to join me and perhaps some regulars, this next time. Continue reading “9 February | ‘The Third Place’ in Phnom Penh”