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  • What makes something ‘an innovation?’

    What makes something ‘an innovation?’

    I found this, an article called ‘The Adoption of Innovation.’ ‘Characteristics of the innovation include: ‘Relevance: Confidence that an innovation can help address a relevant problem. ‘Observability: Ability to demonstrate and evidence a positive impact from this innovation (compared to how things are done currently). ‘Adaptability: Capacity of the organization to adapt and build institutional capabilities.…

  • Mirror | How reflective practice helps you prioritize, re-evaluate goals

    Mirror | How reflective practice helps you prioritize, re-evaluate goals

    ‘Experience alone does not necessarily lead to learning; deliberate reflection on experience is essential:’ Wikipedia   ‘Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves… Do not… seek the answers, which cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them. And the…

  • Time for Us

    Time for Us

    ‘Time for Us’ is a workshop created by Design Kompany for leaders, and their teams. Make ‘Time for Us’ with your team. WHO THIS IS FOR. ‘Time for Us’ is designed for: Those exploring a pandemic-shifted re-focus Recalibration with teams and finding alignment Team-building through authentic sharing Goalsetting Evaluating goals (individuals on a team, and teams)…

  • Teambuilding in business in these 3 ways

    Teambuilding in business in these 3 ways

    I found this. Cool. Source: Harvard law school blog post here: https://www.pon.harvard.edu/daily/business-negotiations/business-team-building-the-value-of-self-reflection/ 3 Keys to Business Team Building How can organizations promote business team building through deeper employee engagement? Here are a few suggestions, adapted from [Francesca Gino’s 2018 book] Rebel Talent: Make work novel. It’s hard to stay engaged in your work when it’s completely…

  • A purpose for Work

    A purpose for Work

    Brian Kropp and Emily Rose McRae write in their HBR article from January of this year, ’11 Trends that will shape work in 2022 and beyond,’ that there will be an occasion for a Chief Purpose Officer, going forward. ‘The chief purpose officer will be the next major C-level role. ‘Issues of politics, culture, and…

  • Growth mindset, psychology, design

    Growth mindset, psychology, design

    Setting out to interview and network with new people in Cambodia when I came back, last year, I realized a handful of key points. I must have met a half-dozen CEOs, and about as many managing directors. These were people in industries that tie up with what I do here. Media, design, digital marketing, and…

  • Protected: The cost of waiting

    Protected: The cost of waiting

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.