Teambuilding in business in these 3 ways

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Source: Harvard law school blog post here:

3 Keys to Business Team Building

How can organizations promote business team building through deeper employee engagement? Here are a few suggestions, adapted from [Francesca Gino’s 2018 book] Rebel Talent:

  1. Make work novel. It’s hard to stay engaged in your work when it’s completely predictable. The fast-food chain Pal’s Sudden Service, which has stores in Tennessee and Virginia, keeps work fresh by switching up the order in which employees move through the various stations every day. By keeping workers on their toes, Pal’s keeps turnover low. As Gino writes, “there’s room for variety in even the most rote job.”
  2. Encourage dissent. Traditional team-building techniques can discourage people from speaking up when they disagree or see a problem emerging. Chicago-based money-management firm Ariel Investments promotes constructive dissent by assigning a “devil’s advocate” at meetings, according to Gino. The person in that role is in charge of arguing the opposite of the prevailing view and opening up helpful debate.
  3. Give people space to be authentic. Every week at his award-winning restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, Chef Massimo Bottura asks members of his staff to cook a dish from their own culture. The cooks share stories about their dishes, which reveal their passions and history. When we encourage team members to be authentic, we bring out their true strengths—and strengthen the organization as a result.