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Art installations & zine design + co-creation (2014-present)






Experiential workshops (2015-present)

‘Thank you for the opportunity.’ —FV, virtual S P A C E, 2018




Brand identity concept design (2001-2014)

‘Many times designers will do what you tell them to do. But you two would not. You would say, “No. That’s not a good idea, and we’re not gonna do that.” That was new. You made us think, and in the end, we got to a stronger design together. Thank you. —Kenneth Hui, NUK Cafe, Phnom Penh 2014. See this post about our design for NUK cafe in Phnom Penh >

‘My favorite part of the process was the fabulous aha that came when we did our customer activity. DK had us name the personality traits of different kind of customers and once we organized these traits into personas, it was as if a veil had been lifted. Suddenly, conceptualizing what we do, the value we bring, and who we work with became clear. Anyone who’s worked for a startup-stage organization knows that gaining this clarity is far more challenging than one might think. We’ve incorporated the learnings from this exercise into all of communications, and it helps other people get it too. DK stressed that you have to earn your customer’s trust and loyalty. Truly great brands understand this.’ —Sarah Kate Fishback, Green Plus, Durham 2010

‘Money well spent.’ —Michael Salewski, Hindsight Veterinary Care, Corvallis Oregon 2009

‘Our new name and brand reflects how we’ve grown over the past three years from a research focused company to what we’re all about today: creating truly unique custom mobile solutions for our clients. You guys really helped us out with finding our niche.’ —Richard Stott, Matchbox Mobile, Brighton & Seattle 2008

‘Thank you again for your patience and creativity in guiding the design process and for producing such beautiful branding for us.’ —Karen Armstead, The Broader View, Seattle 2008

‘I really am pleased with the work the three of us did. The logo is a perfect fit for our company’. —Dave Eva, A1A Inc., Seattle 2008

‘Setting out to launch a new organization, our board and staff were appropriately all over the map about what we’d call it. Design Kompany gave us synergistic tools to get us all to the same place and of the same mind. We wouldn’t be who we are without Design Kompany’s expertise and facilitation.’ —David Yeaworth, Allied Arts of Seattle, Seattle 2008

‘Thank you so much for all your hard work, everything came together so well.”—Anna Mihkels, Group3 Architects LLC, Seattle 2007

‘Wow! It’s catchy.’ —Bill Harding, Bonanzle, Seattle 2007

‘I love working with the new design–it’s much more beautiful and easier to assemble as well.’ —Ann-Marie Stillon, NW Asian Weekly, Seattle 2007

‘Our [wedding] invitations turned out to be more beautiful, elegant and sophisticated than we imagined they could be.’ —Carol Vu, wedding invitation design, Seattle 2007

‘Love it. I really like the freshness of it. Most health care stuff is too somber, serious, wonkie, depressing or obvious drug company marketing hype.’ —Terry Gardiner, MyVoucher, Seattle 2007

‘Working with [DK] was nothing short of sheer joy! Their communcation and creativity allows space for a very natural, authentic process. Together we seamlessly created a brand that truly, effectively speaks volumes.’ —Aimee Gallo, Vibrance, Seattle 2007

‘Design Kompany recently came to the rescue of our new organization. They helped us build our new identity and brand, and the whole process was FUN! I have years in marketing, PR and I learned a lot working with DK. Their methodical, creative, curious approach was refreshing and productive. When we were tempted to incorporate too much, they’d gently guide us back to our own mission. When we got confused, they got us back on track. Their ability to work at both a birds-eye and granular level concurrently impressed me and I’d work with them again in a heartbeat!’ —Amani Ellen Loutfy, Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, Seattle 2006

‘I had a great experience working with Akira at Design Kompany. His designs and input played a valuable role in growing the business. The website he produced is clean and concise, the logo looks great, and the business cards inspire compliments from everyone who receives one. I learned a lot from participating in Design Kompany’s idea charettes and have continued to incorporate those ideas into my own creative process with much success. I would highly recommend working with Akira and Design Kompany.’ —Sarah Marsh, D+A Studio, Seattle 2006

‘It was a great experience working with you both, not only did we end up with a great end product but I felt the whole process really helped us grow as a team and a company, Design Kompany did a great job, I’m really happy we chose to work with you.’ —Andrew Farrell, Operations Director, Matchbox Mobile, Brighton & Seattle 2008

‘Your touch is really delicate and modern. Quite lovely.’ —Ponzi Pirillo, Gnomedex, Seattle 2007

‘We’re confident we could not improve on this and will not need to update for many years. Many thanks for all your hard work and professionalism.’ —Barbara Connelly, Atlantic School of English and Active Leisure, Co. Cork, Ireland 2004