Issue #106

A. Spaice // DK · Mary Anne S P A C E | Dublin, ‘Mary Anne’ Loading…

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Thank you

A lot of conversations happen at an ‘N’ and this time was no different. We are ready to share, meaningfully and not trivially, in the online follow-up sessions. They’ll be virtual so our ‘N’ guests from ‘N’ HCMC, which *happened* in the magic way only … MoreThank you

‘Cá nằm trên thớt’

So many things are happening simultaneously that it’s hard to feel the feelings, see the things that need to be seen, and make the decisions, or watch them happen. So I understand, from ambiently and osmosis-ically?, I like making up words sometimes, haha, so I … More‘Cá nằm trên thớt’

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Issue #104

This is the week we host ‘N’ in HCMC! And it’s also where we found out quite a bit about… who we each are, individually, too. To those who received the invitation, checkit. ‘N’ is like nothing else. Loading…

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‘Festival of the Photocopier 2021’ | ‘Open to zinesters located anywhere in the world’

update: 29 December 2020 Here’s a quick update with some more information that we gathered via email in a conversation with Beck, one of the three coordinators of the Festival of the Photocopier. The three coordinators and twelve volunteers together make this program. Beck told … More‘Festival of the Photocopier 2021’ | ‘Open to zinesters located anywhere in the world’

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Nói chuyện với hàng xóm..

Nói chuyện với hàng xóm của tôi Học ngôn ngữ một chút mỗi ngày Đây là những gì tôi học được… S P A C E | HCMC, ‘Let’s talk about everything’ A zine. Next Tuesday.

Issue #103

A members-only issue, this time. S P A C E | Mito, ‘Shibui.’ Here’s a link. Thanks. HT E. Happy Birthday. What’s ‘Shibui’? Wikipedia has a lot to say. The source of the following is from this link: Định nghĩa shibui hoặc shibusa Definition … MoreIssue #103

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Mix tape: ‘NAIV’

It’s here.. Mix tapes.. This one includes some of my favorite songs from those days when I used to have cassettes (including Bollywood ones, yeah). Also, I put something from the jazz genre because I really, really miss hearing live jazz. Soooooo many songs I … MoreMix tape: ‘NAIV’